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Benefits of Implementing Employee Scheduling Software

A few years back, the HR department and managers used to invest half of their week creating schedules for the upcoming weeks. For the organizations with a large workforce or multiple shift patterns, companies used to hire separate resources and personnel to track the schedules of all employees using Excel sheets. Apart from preparing daily schedules, their responsibilities included allocating meetings, conferences, training rooms, and placing all the required equipment in place on time. Needless to say, it often led to conflicts, wasting hours in unproductive tasks, and affecting the quality of work. 

So, what is the solution to use this time for more productive and result-oriented tasks while reducing costs and ensuring timely schedules? The answer is Employee Scheduling Software, a one-stop solution to focus on growth, core activities, and efficiency. It has replaced the tedious work of filling long spreadsheets to create schedules every week. Moreover, the software allocates resources to the best use by evaluating all the available information and streamlines the process of scheduling, thereby addressing all the issues involved in manual processes. 

There is no denying that staff scheduling software offers great benefits to the entire workplace and we are going to discuss a few of them in the blog. Read below:

Reduced Availability Conflicts

Businesses often have to deal with employee availability conflicts which can be avoided by automating staff scheduling using excel. To make it even better, collaborative software can be used to mitigate employee availability concerns. Also, there are no errors in time-off requests with an automated system. It will acknowledge and address all the requests on time and teams can work according to their time preferences. This will not only enhance productivity but also reduce turnover rates, improve customer support services, and add to overall efficiency. Another great benefit of the software is that it is time and cost-effective. With pre-built templates, employees can carry the schedule from week-to-week rather than repeating the process again and again. 

Smooth Communication & Alerts

Every time there is a shift in the schedule or any changes in the working time, communicating to each employee could be disruptive and complicated. With a unified software, you can solve this problem in an instant as it allows you to convey any modifications or updates within a few seconds. With every shift change or new schedules, managers and the entire workforce receive notifications in real-time about the same. The software includes various features and functionalities that give managers the ability to send alerts through a common portal using a mobile device. Furthermore, team members can also change their working schedule at the last minute and send a request to respective managers conveniently without causing any scheduling mishaps. 

Timely Forecasting

Schedule software forecasts the time and working hours and the same schedule is carried over weeks. With a simple drag and drop method or setting the same shifts with just a few clicks, the process gets faster and simpler. Early forecasting with HCM software saves labor hours, costs, and contributes to employees’ morale. Now, they don’t have to work on behalf of an absent member and can concentrate on their tasks which is common in unscheduled shifts. The schedules are updated and saved every week automatically so there is no need to spend time in setting it or retrieving the sheets in case anything is accidentally erased. What's more? The system has a feature where businesses can create schedules based on the latest trends in sales and industry metrics.  Hence, making the best of the increasing demands and boosting revenue. 

Collaborative Scheduling

This is the primary feature and benefit of scheduling software where employees are involved in setting their availability, shifts, and working hours. They can create a schedule in real-time, eliminating the chances of any conflict in the beginning. The software comes with a self-service model that enables the workforce to update and change their own shifts and trade the same with other employees if needed. Managers and the HR team can review the submission and requests, thus ensuring that all the schedules are approved according to the convenience of employees. 

Even if the managers are not in the office, they can approve the requests from their mobile devices or a laptop. As team members are responsible for their time and shifts, they feel more involved and empowered in the organization. Also, it saves time and more than 80% of the working hours are allocated to productive tasks. 

Increased Employee Satisfaction

An efficient software allows easy access to the employees to set their schedules online conveniently with just a few clicks. They can use their mobile devices, personal desktop, or laptops to update the changes. With the self-service feature, employees can view their weekly schedule on one screen, remotely. From requesting a shift change to raising a leave request, to changing work records, they manage everything themselves, making them feel responsible and accountable. 

They are assured that their requests will be sent to the relevant authority on time and will be catered to soon. The members can submit their feedback regarding schedules and convey any issue to the management on time. This facilitates seamless communication, timely discussions, and better use of time, all of which together contribute to an effective employee benefits program. When they are able to work in preferred shifts, get information on time, and have smooth communication, it keeps them happier and satisfied which results in improved productivity. 


Employee scheduling software is loaded with advanced features and functionalities that help companies to streamline the entire scheduling process along with reaping several benefits. It is an integral part of online HCM software that organizations must include in the system without any delay. So, if you also wish to upgrade your HR software to incorporate scheduling, then connect with A3logics now. We assure you to deliver top-notch software that caters to all your specific business needs. 

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