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Top 12 Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise mobility solutions have transformed how businesses operate. The boom of smartphones over the last couple of years has been instrumental in running companies. The advantages of enterprise mobility solutions have been reaped most by the companies that have a large part of their staff working remotely. 

Phones are now the basic necessity of today’s life. There are approx. 3.8 billion smartphone users in the world, which is around 60% of the total world's population, and by the end of the year 2025 this number is estimated to rise up to 80%. Also, with the number of increments in the usage of mobile phones, enterprises are always in search of opportunities to create hi-tech mobile apps by working along with experience enterprise mobility companies, as well as, change their conventional work process, into an advanced one.

Whether it is about communication, shopping, weather updates, and banking, mobile app solutions are being used widely. No doubt, desktops, and laptops still hold the place but with mobile devices, most enterprises have bring-your-own-device (BYOD) policies to capitalize on this.

People these days prefer doing almost everything over their mobile devices or tablets and the business world is no exception to it. Businesses are competing with each other to offer a better experience to the users. Implementing an enterprise mobility solution has become a necessity that helps improve the efficiency of an organization. The utilization of cloud-based apps in your smartphones allows you to access all the resources comfortably. Enterprise mobility makes this happen that uses smartphones to enhance the proper functioning of companies. Let us talk in detail about enterprise mobility.

What is Enterprise Mobility? 

Enterprise mobility is a process that allows employees of a company to utilize cloud services in carrying out their work duties on their mobile devices. It allows the employees to access the resources anywhere outside the office premises also. It enables the option to provide customer service easily and to operate the business remotely.

It refers to the use of mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, for business purposes and gives employees the flexibility and choices to improve job satisfaction. 

To extend the benefits of business mobility to customers, 71% of the companies moving towards business mobility are developing and deploying customer-facing apps focused on improving the customer experience. Enterprise Mobility is also referred to as Enterprise Mobility Management (EMM) and enterprise mobility services are quite popular these days.

It focuses on minimizing the challenges that enterprise mobility faces with your BYOD remote devices thus, maximizing the benefits of enterprise mobility. The survey revealed that customers who execute business mobility plans have an average 150% return on investments. 

Advantages of Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions

1. Increased productivity

Enterprise mobility solutions provide flexibility to employees that they can work from any part of the country, which in turn boosts productivity. Being in a remote location is no more an excuse to avoid work. There is a documented increase in productivity in ECM systems with the help of mobile applications by 40% in 2 quarters. With the help of BYOD or CYOD extending office applications in your phone, it is feasible to reply over the emails while on transit. 

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2. Data accuracy and device sharing

It helps enhance the customer service experience by providing the ability to access the relevant data at any point in time. One can easily access the email and can share the device screen with a customer or colleague at the time of need. This has made the communication more secure and engaging as one can educate the customer in real-time with the relevant data.

3. Minimizes cost

It helps minimize the cost of infrastructure expenses. Enterprises can have a centralized control system and have their data stored on cloud services. This helps to access data at any place or time. Enterprise mobility ensures that the expenses are allocated to the right business unit. Most business owners opt for cloud computing consulting services when crafting a complete enterprise mobility strategy for SaaS products. 

4. Enables faster reporting

Enterprise mobility just not allows you to check the email at transit but also enables your employees to see and share their project reports rapidly. This helps in analyzing the performance of the employees to recognize the top performers and establish weak links for taking the required actions to address them.

5. Better collaboration

When different employees are working on a particular project, it becomes necessary to coordinate at a regular time of intervals. Also, the sharing of data and important information via mobile devices is so common. Enterprise mobility works effectively by providing better collaboration among the employees, especially while a few of them are traveling or are outside the office premises. But to make things work as per your plans, you need to have a strong and smart enterprise mobility strategy.

6. Robust Data Security

Enterprise security is one of the key concerns faced by global businesses today. Nobody wants to see any small technology security loopholes in their IT systems or applications. With Mobile Device Management (MDM), identity and access management (IAM), and mobile application management (MAM) as part of your enterprise mobility strategy, you can protect your business sensitive data while working remotely. Implementing the highest level of security control and risk management is vital to minimize the threat of outside attacks and data breach incidents. 

7. Higher Customer Satisfaction

Meeting customer expectations is the top priority for most businesses today. With enterprise mobility solutions in place, you can reach your potential customers faster, address their concerns, and take quick actions to resolve their queries.

Being a mobile-ready business also means you can promote your products or services in a better way to target customers. It also gives you the ability to become more responsive to customers' queries by offering 24/7 support on mobile devices. This increases customer trust and loyalty towards your brand, as well as, improve the overall satisfaction towards your services.  

8. Smart Data Insights 

As they say "data is the new oil in the digital-driven business world." Companies that implement mobility solutions across multiple customer touchpoints to gather valuable customer information are becoming more successful than the ones who don't use this strategy. 

Large enterprises are stressing upon mobile-first solutions to get closer to their potential customers, learn about their buying behavior, and see what matters most to them when opting for a particular product or service. Hence, it's important you leverage enterprise mobility solutions for gathering accurate, relevant, and timely information. 

9. Automated Workflow 

By implementing BYOD policies, companies are now experiencing true automated and paperless workflows across their organization. By allowing employees to use different kinds of remote working mobile applications, companies can centralize their data, systems, and processes. Having a centralized data dashboard for information access ensures seamless communication and collaboration between teams. It promotes better remote working opportunities where each employee has clear knowledge about their roles and responsibilities. 

10. Better Staff Management 

Enterprise mobility benefits also include cost-effective workforce management. It is an economically viable option for companies that are struggling with financial breakdowns. If you are a startup or mid-sized enterprise with squeezed balance sheets, you can definitely explore the enterprise mobility services and solutions to cut down your costs of staff management. 

11. Solid Market Reputation

By integrating enterprise mobility solutions across the organization, you can increase the possibility of building a solid brand image for your organization in the market. It enables you to place yourself in the market uniquely against competitors because of a highly-productive remote workforce advantage. Businesses that have well-organized processes with 24/7 uptime and availability can confidently embrace new technologies and deliver innovative solutions compared to the ones who lack such capabilities. 

12. Higher Organizational efficiency

By levering custom enterprise mobility solutions in your business, you can improve your overall organizational productivity. The whole idea behind integrating such solutions is to make sure employees can work from anywhere with 24/7 access to critical business information. By teaming up with an expert enterprise software development company, you can build tailor-made remote solutions for seamless communication and coordination among your workforce. This, in turn, accelerate your business growth, profit and productivity. 

The Final Say

Owning a business makes it important to grow with the trends and latest technologies. An enterprise mobility solution helps transform a traditional business into one that is future-ready. According to a recent survey, 40% of businesses surveyed are working on improving their mobility strategy for productivity gain. Also, 71% of the companies moving towards business mobility are developing and deploying customer-facing apps focused on improving the customer experience. It is important to have an enterprise application for your firm, sooner rather than later. Work with an expert enterprise software development company to get the desired mobility solution. The above-provided benefits give you a clear picture of why enterprise mobility solutions must be the priority for any organization which has a workforce outside the office premises. At last, we would like to say that enterprise mobility helps keep your upper hand in scaling the market and if you haven’t geared up yet, this is the time.

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