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Find Where BACKBONE JS or EMBER JS is Better to Apply On?

There exist numerous platforms to develop IT solutions to facilitate the demands generated in the market. However, there exist various such demands that can be fulfilled with various solutions but are not cost-effective at all.

Thus, choosing the best solution to fulfill the need at the best possible rate is smartness. 

Here, we have two different platforms to discuss upon in a similar way i.e. Backbone JS and Ember JS. We will figure out in this article that where each of them suits best and why?

To move ahead into the dig holes of both, we must know first about them on the basic level. And even before proceeding to that, for our readers who do not belong to the technical background but are here to fetch information, we would, in brief, describe the meaning of What are they and what they are known or recognized for?

A library and a framework are two different development resources with the help of which an enterprise software development company develops the desired IT solution. One of the two we are discussing here is a library based on Javascript. Whereas, the other one i.e. Ember JS is a framework to develop heavier solutions in it.


A library simply refers to the availability of data in the form of programs or codes we say, that helps a developer to develop the software in the form of pre-stored plugins or code within the library.

A Framework

A framework is a larger entity, which could even have libraries embedded in it. But a library couldn’t possess a framework within itself. A platform to develop the software in a specific manner with its specific limitations is termed a Framework. There are many other libraries and frameworks including Vue.js, React.js, Node.js, and Angular.js

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Now that, we have the basic knowledge regarding the two entities we are dealing here with, we can proceed ahead in-depth of both so as to know more about their applications and where they are fruitful to use.

Basic about BACKBONE JS

A javascript library with an interface based on the MVC design paradigm. MVC is a model-view-controller application design pattern that includes the processing of the information in three steps such that the interpreted information can be executed as per the controller.

Due to its limited source of knowledge or the size of the library, it is preferred to develop only a single web-page or lighter applications but not with multiple and dynamic pages. It has to depend on the library embedded in JavaScript, jQuery, and Underscore.js which is why it is often called Underscore.js or Coffee script too.

Basic about EMBER JS

Similarly, Ember.js is an open-source framework of Javascript. It allows the developer to develop the single-page applications too, but with enough scalability so that one can incorporate patterns and practices from other single-page applications within the framework.

Basic about Ember JS

You may say, both the platforms have a few similar restrictions but the different range as the framework is way bigger than a library.

We’ll proceed ahead with a table to differentiate and comprehend better the uses and applications of both. Along with mentioning the benefits of Backbone.js and Ember.js respectively.








Comparatively less comprehensible but is known to have easily sharable templates between server and client for the rendering process.

You may construct your own framework very easily as the library available is comprehensible for any beginner to understand and proceed with. But it asks for a developer anyway.


It has two-way data binding support that helps in scrutinizing the app rather than a scratch level of dirty check.

Backbone.js gets defeated in terms of support as it demands to write the code from scratch level.


It has a friendly API enabled that helps to develop the application faster with more features comparatively in lesser time.

JavaScript functions allow the developer to innovate the front-end designs easily.


Having seen some of the main characteristics of the development area, it is now about the benefits of using each of them. Where does the one beat the another and how?

Benefits of Backbone.js over Ember.js

  • It has a very easy path to follow and learn to earn command on it. Having just models, collections, views, and roots to look after, Backbone.js’s study or analysis is way easier than Ember.js.
  • Assembling of client-side applications becomes easy with the available building blocks.
  • A free and easy to use open-source library with over 100 extensions makes it easy to apply for diverse actions.
  • Auto-updating of the HTML code is also a feature of Ember.js yet is required to mention here for a better understanding of an interested one.
  • The only remaining benefit that Backbone has left with it is simple and good for lightweight applications and faster execution that too conditionally.

Benefits of EMBER JS

  • Its two-way binding saves a lot of time as it doesn’t ask to manually change at both ends simultaneously. 
  • Its all-in-one architecture helps the team to put a fish-eye focus on the code to furnish it as it is designed with the preset solutions that a developer would be so likely to face meanwhile working on this framework.
  • It was earlier seen that the experts did not prefer EMBER js because its API wasn’t stable enough to work appropriately and used to hinder the overall performance of a team. But now, it has been claimed for its stability and is being praised for the same by many expert developers.


If the requirements are minimal, and the solution seems to fulfill the demand at minimal value addition, Backbone.js would fit because it requires minimal resources from the developer for such tasks.

Although, Ember.js brings itself with self-correcting & auto-updating abilities to comprehend the short written code without requiring you writing it over completely. But, to get such ember js development services, quite an experienced & a responsive IT firm is expected. 

Consultation over both of them also plays a big role once you hire an IT solutions company for such developments. Once the development is done, the post-delivery consultation becomes a crucial factor for cost-deduction. Thus, make sure to hire one of the best IT consulting companies whether you’re planning to build a mobile app like Uber or a web app like spotify. 

Ember.js and Backone.js both being a javascript product are beneficial due to easy operational ability over the interface. A javascript product is always embedded with interface support. Ultimately, for ‘When to use which one?’, I would prefer to answer that analyze your priorities and requirements first, take help from the above-given information, utilize the knowledge from the experts in acquaintance and then choose wisely as per your conscience.

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