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Augmented & Virtual Reality: Taking Top Industries by Storm

Although VR and AR had their roots in games and entertainment, it soon spread its wings to other top industries like education & elearning, retail, sports and more. Initially, many people knew about virtual reality because of its use in popular games like Pokemon Go and Snapchat filters. However, other industries and sectors -from  adopted this technology to find innovative solutions to reach more users and attain success. They explored the full potential of Augmented and Virtual Reality to impact the future in a better way and bring changes that were even unimaginable a few years back. 

Yes, there are several industries that are relying on VR and AR development services to avail of the benefits that it offers, but there are a few that have already incorporated this technology into their system and are now enjoying positive results. Here are 5 such sectors that are exploring this technology to shape the way they do business. Take a read:


It was a few years back when the automotive industry started to explore VR’s potential to manufacture powerful and high-performing cars. Since then, it ensured major changes in this sector and we can see the impact today. It opened the doors for engineers and designers to try a new look and create a vehicle before building the expensive prototype.

The collaboration between VR and automotive started when Ford created and designed a concept that was entirely based on virtual data. The aim was to bring together top-notch engineers from different countries to create a design and assemble all elements while considering employee safety. In Ford’s Immersion Lab, engineers could literally walk around the car and sit inside it through Oculus Rift to evaluate how the customer experience would be.

Soon, Volvo and Audi joined the league and sought VR solutions and provided the clients with a chance to take a virtual test drive via smartphone and also try different configurations of the vehicle. Giants like Jaguar and BMW use VR to review the design and object obscuration before investing any money on the manufacturing process. Needless to say that virtual reality saved millions of dollars in the industry that was used to build prototypes every year. 


Every business needs an effective marketing strategy to reach more and more potential buyers and for this, they always seek better ways. No one is interested in those orthodox and outdated promotional techniques which can hardly connect with us. AR and VR add value to common marketing mediums and facilitate interaction between the brand and users. From videos to animations to targeted information, everything can now be included in brochures, flyers, and posters to provide a seamless experience to the audience. Companies seek AR and VR solutions to tell their stories and sell products. We all have heard of Coca-Cola, a first company to offer virtual experience by transforming their Christmas advert into VR. The famous movies like Jurassic Park, Star Wars, Avengers released VR experiences for the fans to create excitement and generate interest. 


What if you can visit the location before you actually finalize the holiday trip? Amazing idea, isn’t it? Well, this idea is now a reality and all thanks to VR. The tourism industry is taking a major leap toward virtual reality by allowing travellers to be a part of a guided virtual tour of the destination, hotel, and landmarks. This would help tourists to make better decisions and book hotels with better facilities. Using visualization tools of VR has proved to be a beneficial step for both tourists and travel agencies as it represents the locations much better than brochures. Renowned company Thomas Cook has included virtual tours of different countries and cities, called ‘Try before you fly’ in their system to convince people to travel and it has even increased the bookings by almost 20%. A hotel chain even let their users ‘teleport’ to a skyscraper in London or Hawaiian Beach along with hotel rooms and museums and galleries. With Google Expeditions, tourists can explore famous spots from the comfort zone of their home. 


We need not emphasize the importance of health and safety. Experts are sparing no effort to make this world a healthier place to live in and for this, they come up with the latest technology and appropriate solutions. Virtual reality and Augmented reality are the latest addition to the list and we can witness some prominent evolutions in the industry because of these technologies. Doctors and healthcare professionals are using virtual models before they operate on real bodies and VR is also a great contributor to deal with pain during burn injuries.

Colleges and institutes are using VR to provide solutions, educate students and share experience with them, including emergency training, virtual surgeries, and VR anatomy applications. Even AR has broken down complex medical concepts into interactive forms and empowered medical experts to treat patients easily. It has made 3D visualization of organs possible from different angles which helps surgeons to be more precise while operating, hence, increasing success ratio. This is just a beginning and there is a lot more to explore. You can even expect that you might not have to leave your house to be examined by a doctor. 


Be it for children or adults, education has to be interested to make it efficient and effective. Immersive and interactive classes have become a need of the hour to increase students’ engagement and knowledge. This is where AR and VR come into the picture as it revolutionizes e-learning platforms by allowing students to learn in an innovative way. To put it in simple words, AR impacts education in two major ways: engaging students and teaching concepts in an interactive way.

Virtual workshops add to it by ensuring practical knowledge of difficult math and physics concepts. Renowned and leading education centres are building VR classrooms and meeting space where people can attend lectures from across the world. Moreover, AR adds a gaming element and provides an exceptional experience to students as well as teachers. Institutes can create a happier and right environment for learners. Also, people from different professions can use VR to hone their skills and learn how to cope with tough situations. 


Even after being used in such top industries, we can still say that the potential of AR and VR is not yet explored completely. Technology is setting a new benchmark for the business world and is marking the beginning of a new era. From enhancing the way brands interact with clients to acting as the perfect tool to improve user engagement, it has covered all. You can evaluate its popularity by the fact that its market will soon cross $ 117.4 billion in the coming years. 

We are sure you don’t want to feel left out of this trend. So jump on the bandwagon and  connect with us. We are a leaing IT consulting and software deelopment  companies offering cutting-edge technology solutions. Connect with us for reliable Augmented Reality Solutions and we guarantee to deliver the product perfectly customized to your needs.

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