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Disaster Management

Are You Ready With Your Disaster Recovery Plan

Disaster recovery plan or you can say the business continuity plan is extremely crucial to businesses operating in every sector - banking, shipping & logistics, healthcare, etc. Businesses can navigate through unprecendented situations or events successfully by having a robust disaster plan and recovery strategy.

When you are looking for a dedicated IT consulting services, make sure they keep your business environment protected. A lot of businesses now understand the importance of having a Disaster Recovery Plan to ensure their business does not fall prey to any foreseen or unforeseen issue. Have you ever given it a thought; what if your business suffers a disaster, let it be of any kind, a simple human mistake, power surges, a serious virus attack or even worse - a natural calamity. How much time do you think will it take you to recover from it?  

Before deciding the recovery processes, let’s see the major disasters that a business can be hit by. 

4 Disasters Your Business May Be Vulnerable To

Disaster Recovery Plan

  1. Downtime

Some might think “I regularly take backup; why do I have to worry about recovery? Why do I need a Disaster Recovery plan?” Well, take a look at this.

As per the results of a recent survey, it has been found that 79% of companies have had a major IT failure in the past two years. Among them 23% struggled more than a day to recover from the failure, 29% took 1-4 hours to get on track and restart business operations & only around 8% were able to recover in less than 1 hour. The ratio of survival is visibly low and signifies the importance of a recovery plan.

Down the line, the major problem faced by them was downtime. Even if all the data was properly backed up, business downtime can cause an unimaginable loss and if it is not rectified in time then the losses ascend with every clock tick. Some organizations never even recover from this loss and lose their entire existence.

  1. Virus Attack 

Who hasn’t heard of Ransomware? Yes, the scandal that almost shook the business world. No matter how good your antivirus is and how advanced your firewall is, a wrong click and your system are hit by a virus and the data seems to be affected. It won’t take seconds and your system would fall apart. 

“Every 11 seconds a new business may hit by the ransomware in 2019 and the probability would increase to every 4 seconds by 2021,” says Cyber security Ventures Predictions.  

See, the majority of the businesses that believed they are protected and have a strong recovery plan are hit by Ransomware too. To keep your business protected, you need to be aware of technology security loopholes or keep yourself updated with the latest advancements.

This is one of the ways to stay protected. Just reach to your IT consultant today and get all your systems updated in a blink.

  1. Lawsuits 

A lot of organizations are often hit by the disasters that come disguised as the lawsuits. These businesses need not be hit by external forces. It could be the internal forces that may hit your business and you need strong protection against these. This is one kind of disaster that you need to be prepared against. The major lawsuits that may have an adverse impact on your business are:

·   Breach of Contract

·   Slip-and-Fall Accidents

·   Premises Liability

·   Auto Accidents

·   Discrimination Against Employees

·   Workplace Harassment

This is a non-IT based issue that your business may face. To ensure you are never hit by this problem have a set of rules and regulations that you and your employees and other associated adhere to. For any violation have strict policies to ensure these can be prevented in the future. 

These are the three major disasters that your business may face or have faced in the nearing future. 

  1. Accidental Disasters

Disaster Recovery Plan helps in managing company assets and inventory comfortably. Keep a track of entire used and unused assets or types of equipment and make use of the extra ones at the time of need. Proper documentation of each machine usage instructions and every job description is also a part of a good DR plan which might come handy in case the concerned person is unavailable. DR plan even proves to be cost-effective by identifying the areas where cost-cutting can be done.

Also Read: Technology Security Loopholes

Other than these points it is also important as soon as you involve a new software in your setup it is tested not just for accuracy, but for different other aspects too. With our IT services, we ensure to deliver solutions that go through a round of rigorous quality assurance tests before being deployed. 

A Disaster Recovery Plan Is a Must!

A DR plan is what comes to the rescue and testifies to the famous quote “A stitch in time saves nine.” Companies that understand this, know that recovery is the key and they plan accordingly. Although disaster cannot be entirely avoided or foreseen a Disaster Recovery plan is surely worth making. With the business world running behind and setting new digital marketing global trends, the need for a disaster recovery plan can never be overlooked. 

Are You Disaster Ready?

Once you are done with the major changes and have reached the right path to get your work done, it is important to ensure that you are ready. To make sure that you have a perfect DR plan, perform a test run. This will alert all the employees as to what should be done when a disaster strikes and everyone will be well prepared for it. To gain and retain the confidence of company clients, associates, business partners, and stakeholders, involve them in the testing phase. So, plan now for the unknown and nothing will come in your way to surprise you.

So, what is so good about a disaster recovery plan?

With a proper plan, you can always fight the issues that your business may face. Having a pre-planned DR affirms the organizations that their key functionalities keep running or come on track in the minimum time possible. Safeguarding your business is not only your IT consultant’s responsibility, but you also need to take the charge equally. 

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