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How To Boost Your Business With AR in the Ecommerce Industry?

Augmented reality is not the new term in today’s world. AR can be seen widely in online games, e-learning, medical training, repair & maintenance, and so on. According to statista, “The worldwide market size for augmented reality is forecast to increase drastically in the next few years. Over the period from 2017 to 2025, the augmented reality market size is estimated to increase by over 195 billion U.S. dollars, increasing from roughly 3.5 billion in 2017 to over 198 billion U.S. dollars in 2025.

Hence, the rising demand for augmented reality is driving many sectors to fasten their seatbelts to ensure they are standing in the competitive market. For example, Gucci offers an AR feature “Try On”, where customers can try and choose the sneakers according to their choice. On the other hand, Toyota launched a hybrid AR app for its client to understand more precisely about its new vehicle. 

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This is how augmented reality is gaining popularity and is widely used in every sector. If we talk about e-commerce, AR is emerging like a wildfire in this sector because it is enhancing user experience and engagement level at the same time. In addition to this, a web development company is also offering various services that help business owners to set their foot in the competitive market trends. Within a short period of time, e-commerce was modified into the retail platform and now it is continuously spreading in the direction of augmented reality.

What is Augmented Reality?

Augmented reality is the method to enhance the real physical world with various digital components such as sound along with other sensory stimuli through technology. AR is a growing trend in every industry. e-Commerce and retail platforms are using augmented reality to promote products, launching novel campaigns along with collecting user’s data. When virtual reality builds its cyber environment, augmented reality adds stimuli to the existing world. 

Not only eCommerce there are various Enterprise software development companies that are welcoming augmented reality to enhance their business sales along with offering a better customer experience. Back to the point, AR in eCommerce is strongly holding client’s retention along with keeping their interest in the service. Through this, customers can participate completely in your service and products.

In the next section, we will share how augmented reality can boost sales in the eCommerce platform.

Factors That Boost Sales With AR In eCommerce

Augmented reality transformed the way business operates. It is now considered as the robust sales technology that enhances the prominence of your brand. There was a time when sales professionals used to visit the doorstep to demonstrate the products and pitching the clients to be more informative and contextual along with personalized experiences.

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Using AR technology in your sales process will elevate the competence and efficiency of the business process. In the latest digital ecosystem, customers are looking for digital content for their products so that they can get familiarity with the relevancy of particular services and goods. 

Through this, your customers will get a better insight into how well the products work and it would also drive smart decision-making, lessened sales sequence, flat value, and higher revenues. Due to this, many sectors are now leveraging the digital sphere along with augmented reality to gain a competitive superiority to increase market share with the help of IT professional services

We have jotted down the ways that augmented reality boosts sales in eCommerce. 

Augmented Reality Boosts Customers Engagement

When clients get involved with the virtual product they get more connected and engaged. Through this customers can get complete information about the product without even visiting the store again and again. The shopping experience has turned into gamification for various customers as they tend to engage more with the product. You can also consult an IT consultation service for a better overview. 

Many eCommerce platforms have launched their apps to associate customers with their services. Not only this, but retailers are also driving customers to use their AR apps by highlighting promo codes in 3D animation through which customers can activate it by pointing their smartphones at specific products. 

On the other hand, gamification is also introduced for the kids to make them occupied and their parents can make purchases without getting distracted by their children. Through this augmented reality is driving more customer engagement and retention in the digital trends

Augmented Reality Elevates The Better Decision-Making Process

Imagine you are at the store and choosing an outfit to try in order to understand whether it would fit or not. This will consume a lot of time and you will not be able to understand what to do next. But when you use an augmented reality app it will reduce the time by offering the right choice of your product. You can check various variations in terms of colors, size, and fit. 

In addition to this, customers can also place their orders via the AR app without leaving their space. This process is effective as you are able to understand the context of your product. Apart, augmented reality is not limited to 2D images because it offers a complete gesture of your customer’s shopping experience with varied features and options along with better quality assurance in the e-commerce platform.  

Instead of going to various online outlets, if you are helping your customers with an augmented reality app they would stick to your platform. They would experiment with your eCommerce platform for their requirements, on the other hand, business owners can also describe their products in better detail. 

In addition to this, your customer can get better insight about the products without purchasing. And through this, it will speed up the process and they will make decisions faster and easier by reducing the sales cycles. Make sure to consult the product engineering service

Augmented Reality Helps In Finding The Correct Item 

Don’t you feel glad when you find the correct product that you were looking for so long? Indeed, the same goes for your customers who will land on the eCommerce platform. Many people are concerned about the product’s size and colors and when they get the right fit, it feels awesome. 

Therefore AR is there to help you by allowing integration with the object through the projected images. We understand that many of us have faced a situation where we navigate through various counters in order to get the specific products that we require, this is hence time-consuming and exhausting. Not only this, but the customer also loses internet in the physical store and ends up getting nothing!

But when you implement this AR technology at your store, it will save your customer’s lot of time and they will understand if their required product is available or not. Apart from this, it will also offer varied engagement levels to browse various products. If you are looking to have your own AR eCommerce, you are at the right place as many retail eCommerce solutions are there to help you with your project. 

Uses Of AR in eCommerce: 

Augmented reality offers significant value to the customer’s experience to make them stick to your brand. There are various factors in the market trends that are using augmented reality. 

1.     Virtual Try-on Solutions

Virtual reality is one of the major uses of augmented reality as it helps drag customers and cross-channel traffic. Through this, you can provide a more personalized and richer experience to your shoppers. This is a quick and easy way to build a connection between product and buyer. Virtual Try-on Solutions is widely used in eyewear, furniture, jewelry, clothing, footwear, and so on.

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2.     Augmented Reality Body Scanner App

Remember we were talking about finding the right product in the above section? Here again, augmented reality helps shoppers to understand which clothing will fit on them through accurate virtual measurements. This is the best method to help customers find the right outfit for their occasion according to their body type. 

This is considered as one of the prominent factors of augmented reality in the eCommerce platform. It has been observed that many people struggle with cloth fitting issues while purchasing clothes on both online and offline methods. But the implementation of augmented reality will not only solve the problem but will also save a lot of time! Therefore, the augmented reality body measurement app will help customers to understand the product according to their needs. 

3.     Interactive User Manuals

In the current scenario, user guides have evolved from the traditional operating manual to interactive documentation. Many brands are also getting creative by offering attractive and easy user guides that can help their customers by understanding every bit of their product.  Basically, giant brands run their interactive guides on software or websites so that their users can respond easily to the offered products. 

Apart from this, brands can also improve customer support through augmented reality to attract buyers and also to generate competitive advantages. On the other hand, if your customer is landing for the first time on your website, interactive manual guides will help them to understand your product in more detail, through this it will also improve better engagement and retention rate. For example, Ask Mercedes operates augmented reality to help its users to understand the numerous functionality in their automobile. Apart from this, ecommerce integration is also getting popular nowadays to have your own eCommerce website. 

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Final Words

AR in eCommerce is trending and every other industry is now planning to implement augmented reality in their business process. If you are someone who is from an eCommerce platform and looking to boost your business, this article will help you to understand various aspects. 

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