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Best App Security Practices That You Need to Start Following NOW!

Web and mobile apps play an important role in the way we interact with the world. From finding out the right direction to ordering groceries, from finding new friends to taking new courses, there’s a lot that goes on the internet. With some interesting twists and turns that the technology has taken managing apps and your privacy has been a tough call. The rise of mobile applications, the Internet of Things, artificial intelligence, and other technologies it has become a vital practice to ensure app security to keep the users protected from the likes of hackers and other digital miscreants. With a mobile app development team that doesn’t have a lot of experience getting your mobile apps updated or developed may be a bad choice. 

But if these teams follow the right practices they too can come up with development solutions that would keep your work managed and secure. 

Let’s talk about the best app security practices that you need to start following immediately. 

10 App Security Practices to Follow Immediately!

Track: You Can’t Protect What You Don’t Know 

Always track the servers that you may be using for a specific function of your app. Know which open source components are a part of your web app. Companies suffer breaches when they fail to patch the right open source component in their applications. Keeping a track of assets can help you save the mess and disasters later down the line. It is important to automate the process as it may feel like a Sisyphean task when organizations are busy scaling their development. 

Assessment: Be Ware of the Probable Threats

Now that we are aware of what needs to be protected, we now need to figure out what our threats are and then how to mitigate them. There are a few questions that you need to address here, 

What are the various paths that hackers may use to breach the application? 

Is the current security measure capable enough to combat this breach? 

Do we need more tools for the same? 

It is important when talking about data security and other things you set realistic goals. You need to be well aware of the fact no matter how prepared you are there is no such thing on the internet that is unhackable. Be sure about the methodologies that you take to keep your stuff manageable. Pushing too much may lead to ignoring safety measures. 

Patch: Stay on Top with Simple Updates 

Are you updating your operating systems? What about the IT consulting firm you took assistance from? Well, in case you lag behind, then there is an increased risk of being attacked. Patching your software updates with a third-party website or from other commercial vendors plays an important role in managing the security of your web application. Ideally, the web development companies create a fix and push out before the publication, allowing users to secure their software. 

Container: Manage Them Well 

Containers get a leg up because of the security advantages. With the self-contained OS environments, they are segmented by the design. Sometimes they face the risk from exploits where the isolation is broken. There is a possibility that the code itself is vulnerable. The best way to prevent this is to use CI/CD pipeline, run automated scans, and include open source vulnerabilities in your registries. 

Remediation: Strategize It Well

Developers have their foot moving. When it comes to talking about remediation, the priority for any dedicated development team is to keep their applications secure while maintaining its functionalities. For this, they need to work on the criticality of the vulnerability. When it comes to discussing open source vulnerabilities, it is important to understand if your proprietary code is actually making use of these vulnerabilities. 

In case the vulnerable component is not responding well, then it needs to be checked and worked on again. 

Encrypt: All You Need to Do

You have always been asked to encrypt your data before sharing it over the cloud. This is the basic rule of cybersecurity that one needs to follow. By any chance, if the development team misses to lock down your traffic can lead to the exposure of sensitive data through man-in-the-middle attacks. 

Here you need to make sure you have an SSL updated certificate. Along with this, you need to have HTTPS with your website to ensure data security.  You can purchase an SSL certificate from one of the best SSL certificate providers.

Privileges: Manage Them Well 

Not everyone in the organization is required to access all the zones. It is important that you share the security-related access only with a few people who need it. The first reason here is to be able to pop accounting credentials with some other sensitive data and the other reason is it is always a risk to share such information with everyone. No one knows who decides to betray the organization. 

Automation: Embrace Vulnerability Management 

Most website development firms take care of the security of their applications when it comes to vulnerability management. The app developers have adopted automated testing to insert security into SDLC. With automated testing as an alternative for open security issues, vulnerability management becomes quite easier. 

Bug Hunters: Work with Them

No security checklist is complete without one important point which is, the need for pentesting. We have already talked about automated testing previously, but pentesting is equally important. The quality analysts and testers would go through every bit of your app code and test for the functionalities and loopholes. You can hire a QA team for testing your app or pay the whitehats to break in your app then face the frequency later on.  

Tokens: Use Them Well 

Our developers, unlike others, make sure to store the tokens at a safer place. Many people leave these tokens with the source code waiting for the hackers to dive in or work with them(facepalm). It is important that you do not share it with anyone and work gradually to come up with something that is secure and solid. 

Well! That’s Not All

This rundown has everything that you need to stick to today. These need to be the ongoing practices of how your organization would develop the products. Our experts have been following these strategies for years and have delivered some of the impeccable apps over the years. These are the minimum number of steps that one needs to follow for a perfect result. 

When working in the digital domain it’s important to stay ahead of the hackers. Avoiding the common follies, you can easily do that. While there is no hard and fast rule or security code that would protect your app data, being aware and following the best practices is something you can always do. Follow these basic practices and see how your app solution provides 10x times better app security than that of your competitors.

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