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Android or iOS: Where to Introduce Your Mobile App First?

Finally, you have decided to build an app and try your hands in the mobile app market. Well, it is a great decision. So, from where are you going to start? Yes, we know that you have a great idea and you can’t wait to shoot it out and share with the world. But we are talking about a wider scenario here. Have you thought about the platform that you will launch it on first? Well, the thought of introducing the app on the two most popular operating systems may seem exciting. Honestly, it will put a strain on your budget and you can’t even imagine the risk it involves. 

The right approach is to choose between Android and iOS to establish your app successfully. However, the decision is not going to be easy. Why? For starters, both the platforms are poles apart from each other. Furthermore, most customers use one of the two platforms and maintaining the app on both of them will be a daunting task. Also, mobile app developers have to use different codes for iOS and Android applications and have to work from scratch in each case. Trust us, this will cost you not only a huge amount but time as well and we can say this from experience. And thanks to this immense experience, we have gained in-depth knowledge too. Today, we will share our expertise with you to address the question of Android vs iOS and help you make an informed decision. We have compared the two operating systems on different aspects and explained the factors in detail. So, have a read and we hope it helps you:

Target Audience

Not knowing who your audience is like shooting without a target. It gives you no direction and goal. Hence, your first step is to find your potential clients, people who will be benefited from your mobile app and who are in need of it. What relevant and adequate solution you can provide them with and services that your application can offer. Yes, it will be a lengthy and tricky process but worth the investment as your research will go a long way. Get familiar with their demographic and behavioural patterns, age group, gender, preferences, income, spending habits, attitudes, beliefs, etc. This will help you identify the device that the majority of your audience use and you can determine the right platform for your app.

There are other factors as well to consider while analyzing the target market. For example, Android dominates most of the global market, such as Latin America, Asia and Africa. The users of the Android operating system usually work in the technical field, etc. Similarly, if we talk about iOS, people from affluent classes and earning a high salary tend to buy Apple devices. They are generally the younger generation or people in managerial and professional jobs. Citizens of North America, Western Europe and Australia often go for iOS devices. 

Release Cycles

Here is a point that most business owners and even app developers ignore during the development process. Be it Android or iOS, these operating systems keep updating their versions and you must pick the platform according to the version used by your audience within the platform. This is because codes will be written which are compatible with the latest software version. Needless to say that iOS users update their devices too often and run on one of the two latest systems installed. Therefore, it is easier for an iOS app developer to estimate what the app is capable of and optimize the user experience based on the version. On the contrary, Android may be an open-source system but it is locked down by OEMs and carriers, thereby, lagging behind iOS when it comes to adoption rate. The users are found all over the world and most of them avoid keeping their devices up to date, so developers have to build applications which can run smoothly with all the versions. As it needs to accommodate a wide range of versions, the development process is complicated and lengthy.


We are sure that you already have made the list of the features that you want to include in your application. Based on the functionalities and features that plan to offer, you will have to select the appropriate platform. Being an open-source operating system, Android gives more flexibility and freedom to developers. They can customize your application according to your requirements and build the functions that your audience seek. You might remember the rise of Home Screen replacement a few years ago including Facebook or Aviate. The apps were tailored with ROM and some of them were exclusively meant for Android. However, it is more susceptible to piracy and malware. Moving on to iOS, it is considered more secure due to its closed nature, thereby, making it popular amongst the larger audience in the enterprise market. 

Development Cost & Time

Honestly, reaching a straightforward conclusion for this factor is not as easy as others because the cost of seeking mobile app development service primarily depends on the size and complexity of it. However, there are various determinants that can help you find the right operating system that suits your budget. Generally, iOS applications are cheaper to build because of the coding and complex ecology in Android. Also, Android is an open-source platform, hence, a lack of standardization means more components, devices and software fragmentation to account for. It is written in Java which involves more code than Swift, an official iOS language, making the latter easier. Unlike cross-platform development tools, Android tools can be easily installed on any latest laptop or desktop. Whereas for iOS development, one needs Xcode, Apple’s main development tool which can be installed only on Apple’s Mac computers, adding to the development cost. Moreover, the Apple App Store follows strict rules when it comes to quality and review which takes longer to get approval for the application. 

Revenue Model

The ultimate goal to launch your app is making money, isn’t it? So, you need to consider the platform that can earn you higher revenue and make your venture successful. There are 4 major sources of revenue from mobile applications which include in-app purchases, advertisements, pay per downloads, subscriptions. Therefore, let’s evaluate both the options on the basis of these common models. If you are planning to charge money from your users, then prefer iOS first because they are used to seeing paid apps in their App Store while searching for solutions. Also, from a business perspective, Apple Store is the place for you as people are willing to buy additional content within the app.

However, launching a paid app will be a costly affair for you as well because you will have to incur acquisition costs which you will surely cover-up soon once you release the application. On the other hand, if your plan is to make money from in-app purchases and advertisements, then zero in on an Android app development company in the USA. of course, in-app purchases are not significant but considering that it has spread over way more people, Android can still dominate the market share. In addition, it witnesses more downloads worldwide which can work in your favour. However, as users are shelling out for iOS applications, the engagement rate is higher here than Android. 


There is no denying the fact that the mobile app industry is dominated by these two operating systems and choosing one of them is a hard nut to crack. There are many factors that you will have to consider. For example, if you are looking for a cheap and viable product, then iOS is the right pick for you. Also, it will target the audience living in America and Western countries with higher education and an affluent lifestyle. However, there are some scenarios that favour Android too like targeting a global audience and driving sales through ads and in-app purchases. Yes, both the platforms have their pros and cons but there is one thing common that the beginning will demand a lot of efforts, time and money. 

Hence, the key takeaway is to pick the operating system that can build a strong user base for your product and reach the target clients initially. Yes, we cannot ignore the option of cross-platform applications which will ensure 100% coverage of the market. So, reach a decision wisely as it can make or break your dream venture. We know that you will need professional and experienced assistance in this quest and that is where A3logics steps in.

Our consultants and experts will guide you through the process and deliver the app that resonates with your business objectives. So, contact us now and we will help you with all our might. 

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