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Codeigniter: Everything You Need to Know Before Choosing the Framework

The tiny devices in your hands hold the entire universe in it. From talking about science to reading about mythologies, it is all there. To mark their presence in the digital domain, businesses are coming up with some really impressive and interesting website solutions. They hire website developers for robust, scalable, and secure multi-device supporting solutions. There are many website development languages that can be worked on. One of the most popular languages that developers love to work on is “PHP.” It has been installed on over 2 million web servers and used in developing more than 378 million web applications, the best part of the language is the range of frameworks it has. Laravel, CakePHP, Symfony, and Yii PHP are some of its popular frameworks, but the one that leads the game is every developer’s favorite: CodeIgniter. 

What Is the CodeIgniter Framework?

CodeIgniter is an open-source framework by PHP that works on the MVC principle. It allows the developers to build feature-rich dynamic applications really quickly. With an extended library and package that facilitates connecting databases to accomplish various functions like file uploads, session management, email sending, and more. The MVC (Model-View-Controller) framework here helps to build multiple processes of the development cycle in quite an effective manner and real quick. 

What Exactly Is MVC Model? A Brief 

To understand the functioning of CodeIgniter, let’s check the details of MVC architecture. 

This is basically a logical architecture that is used for application development. It constitutes given parts: 

Model: Talks about business logic through effective functioning with computation and databases along with other components. 

Views: It deals with the presentation of the data given by the model. 

Controllers: This part establishes a connection between the model and the view. 

The controllers used here play an important role in deciding the path of data movement. They capture the requests made and provide a signal assigned by the model in order to load the routed views. 

The framework runs on a similar model and ensures that the web app solutions that are reaching the businesses are flawless and efficient. There are many other frameworks that work on a similar model. Let’s further discuss what makes CodeIgniter every PHP developers favorite. 

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Why Choose CodeIgniter? 

This PHP framework offers a pre-built application structure that lets developers use a library and integrate the package required by the application feature. The experts can use the pre-written codes and build impressive web and software applications in a limited time frame. Basic toolset provided by the framework is integrated seamlessly and optimized to create a custom software solution, thus speeding up the development process. Other than speed, here are a few more reasons why this has made a place in everyone’s heart. 

Small Footprint: With significant 2MB download and a user manual to assist, using the framework becomes really easy. This allows faster and optimized performance-focused websites. 

Pre-Built Basic Components: With pre-built features in the library the PHP developers need not waste a lot of their time preparing a new set of codes, they can simply find a set from the library and integrate it in their solution. 

Extendable with Minimum Code: CodeIgniter lets you come up with new libraries and packages to extend the app functionality. 

Now that we see the good part of the framework, let’s check some of the must-follow practices that web app developers follow for a great web application that is your brand’s identity. 

Codeigniter development services

Embrace Default Application Structure 

The framework functions on the MVC principle and empowers developers to establish a connection to the databases. This helps developers come up with striking features that can help one’s brand attract the target audience easily. 

Third-Party Data Access Layer 

Although CodeIgniter has a lot to offer from its library, the developers can also access third-party libraries for easy and quick solutions. Thus, one can easily extend the features beyond the scope of existing CI libraries. 

Include JavaScript and CSS

For a UI rich application developers can always reach these frameworks. With jQuery put to use one, can easily build-feature rich robust CI applications hassle-free. Sounds like a solution? Well, it is. 

Custom Caching 

A lot of third-party libraries and ORM come integrated with caching support. Implementing the support adds to the custom caching of your web application too. Thus, you can leverage the advantages of third party libraries for your solution. 

Render Views

You can always work on the presentation of the solution. The rich display can be implemented by putting to use various templates that CI has to offer. The integration of these displays is quite easy and can help you create intelligent and engaging views. 

Validate Inputs

Before you submit the input to the database, it is important to validate it. Saving sanitized inputs makes it easier to manage the database for CI applications.  

User-Friendly URLs

To make your web applications SEO friendly, it is recommended to delete the index.php part from the application’s URL. This adds to the customer-friendly feature of the application. 

Handling Errors

Errors are the major setback of any coding project. A wrong code and the application falls flat. With CI one can easily handle the errors. The functions that can be used are how_error(), show_404() and log_message().

Directory to Storage Configuration 

The configuration files are stored under directory config. The files located outside the directory may disrupt the execution of the diverse app functions resulting in fatal run-time errors. 

Winding This Up!

These are some best practices that developers stick to when they are working on CodeIgniter. The PHP framework has a lot to offer to the developers and when used in the right manner it can be used to create an impactful brand identity on the screen. 

The Key Takeaway

CodeIgniter is an interesting open-source PHP framework that helps web app developers to come up with great solutions. The web apps created using the framework are easy to work on, need less technical support, and are quite engaging. If you too are looking for someone who could help you with a web app that talks about your brand on the digital platform, hire PHP developers from the best service providers today!

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