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Top 5 Business Advantages of Joining EDI VAN

By now, you all must be familiar with EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) and we have discussed various aspects of it in our previous blogs. For quick revision, it is an electronic method to exchange business documents between trading partners and organizations. It is a simple, automated, structured, and efficient mode to send and receive business files and data. There is no denying the fact that EDI offers multiple advantages for all industries and supply chain participants. It helps in the transmission of business documents, such as purchase orders, invoices, shipping bills, funds transfer receipts, etc., while reducing paper-based work and data entry efforts.

There are many reasons why businesses decide to switch to EDI software solutions from their traditional and manual methods. Their partners or vendors may have insisted them to utilize EDI or they plan to reduce costly errors due to human intervention and mitigate overhead expenses or they simply want to engage new customers with an EDI-enabled system. Whatever the case may be, EDI VAN (Value Added Network) is the perfect choice to reap maximum benefits.

What Is an EDI VAN (Value Added Network)?

VAN is a privately hosted service that acts as a catalyst to exchange data with partners securely. It facilitates EDI between two business entities that are trading with each other. Value Added Networks are set up with audit capabilities which ensures that the data exchanged is validated and formatted correctly before it is shared with another party. 


An EDI VAN Solution uses phone lines to enable the B2B network for electronic communication. It is called value-added as it includes various communication and services protocols that are not available through a regular or traditional phone line. It establishes an automated and seamless communication channel between vendors and partners and allows multiple formats for EDI translations. Hence, resulting in efficient and flawless business processes for e-commerce and supply chain management. What’s more? EDI VAN is a time-tested solution used by varied industries and provides numerous benefits as compared to other electronic business communication methods. 

EDI VAN is a popular EDI service provider offering services to all the supply chain management, including wholesalers, vendors, buyers, suppliers, and more. It is a key enabler that connects, converts, translates, and communicates business information to be shared between trading business entities so that all the participants can add to their network of partners. 

Considering the popularity and advantages of EDI, many organizations are making efforts to become EDI-enabled. For a supplier, the primary focus is to get added to the network of buyers and enhance overall profitability, thus growing business in the market and gaining better exposure for products. The aim is to deliver a seamless delivery cycle with efficiency, accurate, and consistent transactions. This will keep the buyers happy and retain them for the long-term. 

So, our software developers have listed the top benefits to join and implement EDI VAN in your business. We are sure that these points will give the much-required nudge to seek EDI solutions without further ado:

Assured EDI Compliance

Companies need to meet certain regulatory requirements while joining the EDI network. When they join partners or suppliers’ network to exchange EDI documents, top brands, such as Amazon, Walmart, Costco, and others must meet individual requirements. Being one of the most popular and preferred EDI communication channels, VANs must be used to meet this compliance. For those who are already using VAN for EDI communication, EDI compliant is not a difficult task. On the contrary, maintaining compliance for a new partner is actually an easy and simple process. Our professionals will manage EDI compliance for you, making it extremely convenient for you to communicate and exchange information. With us at your assistance, you can communicate easily with other VAN networks across the globe. You are only required to set up new protocols for communication that are not used before, which is a short and hassle-free process. 

Accurate Information

Our trusted EDI experts offer a reputable EDI VAN that ensures that the product data is cleansed so that businesses can effectively trade with their partners or buyers without any disruption. We understand that it may be complicated for suppliers to keep pace with the ever-evolving and continuously changing industry standards. If they lack knowledge about product data management, then there are high chances that they are supplying products and services that do not match the standards. Therefore, creating issues related to legal implications and compliance that are administered by large enterprises. Any misleading or inaccurate product details can result in returning the goods. Also, if they fail to meet the description, then contractual compliance can create problems that can also affect business. With EDI VAN integrated into the system, businesses get assistance in the process and timely recommendations about how to deal with these challenges and address them while making sure that the product information is up to scratch. 

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Unmatched Reliability

Another reason that VAN is commonly used by businesses is that it offers impeccable reliability for secured communication. It is a gold standard for EDI communication and is completely secure to meet government and HIPAA security standards. All the organizations that are data-sensitive trust the solution for years. It is not reliable only for security purposes but also in general when we consider other aspects. It ensures 99.998% uptime which is a great deal for businesses. There are no hindrances during communication. Rest assured that once you implement EDI VAN in your supply chain, you won’t be able to let go of it. You can rely on it without a second thought to keep your business operations smooth. 

Simplified Workflow

EDI VAN is not restricted to offering instant results but also benefits you in the long-term. You can see the outcomes gradually when you grow your business. One such advantage is that it reduces the administrative workload by simplifying workflows with EDI. you can streamline your manual processes and data validation. With time, when you will sell more products and deal with a larger number of customers, you will need to divert your workforce toward other pressing and urgent roles. Of course, the traditional workflow might work well at that time but as human tasks are prone to errors, a simple mistake or misprinted error can lead to weeks of verification. EDI automates the supply chain management and most of the process, thereby mitigating human intervention and errors. There is an increase in employee satisfaction as they are involved in important work rather than typing numbers all day and the output is also accurate.  

Enhanced Business Connections

We need not say that competition in every industry is increasing immensely with more and more companies providing similar services or products. Adding to it, international trade restrictions are also easy now so Asian countries and businesses are offering top-quality products to customers. Retailers are dealing with foreign suppliers which reduces their overheads. Therefore, this is a high time that businesses must start thinking about enhancing efficiencies, especially when it comes to invoicing and purchasing. When they can cut their costs, they can share the benefits with customers and shareholders. So, the best step in this direction is to avail of the EDI VAN solution. Trust us, despite having a great team offering perfect products with all the right things placed in the right places, you can fail to sell products successfully because you cannot connect to your buyers. As more and more people are EDI-enabled, you also need to tap into the potential of EDI to trade with them. EDI VAN opens new and better opportunities for your business to trade seamlessly with the network of buyers and partners. 


It is clear that EDI VAN offers unlimited benefits to various aspects of a business and supply chain. It is a reliable and secure EDI communication channel with great accessibility and visibility required for the uninterrupted business cycle. 

So, what are you waiting for? Seek EDI VAN solutions from a credible and leading company, A3logics. Our consultants and professionals will assist you throughout the implementation journey and make sure that you make the best out of your EDI investment. 

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