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A3logics Shares Top Measures to Protect Remote Workers from Cyber Threats

And in the time of crisis, the economies around the world have crumbled down to their all-time low. Not only this, but many of the countries have also locked down themselves until further information. In hard times, most organizations seek support from their employees who are readily working from home. 

A study by Global Workplace Analytics reflects how the productivity of the employees has increased by several folds. It shows even before the outbreak of novel coronavirus, the stats of employees working from home has increased up to 173%, in just 15 years. 
(The stats are subjected to the U.S. only)

Also, around 21% of remote workers are ready to give up some of their vacations if they are allowed to work from their choice of workplace. 

We, at A3logics, have been providing remote IT consulting services for over two decades and understand the major concern for the industries who have recently moved to remote working is Cyber Security. The teams associated with us share some insight into how to protect remote workers from cyber threats. 

Secured Remote Working Tips to Safeguard Work Against Cyber Threats

IT Hygiene Is the Priority

Many of us often choose to sit in a cafe or a public place in a serene environment to work remotely. With the outbreak of COVID-19 and countries being lockdown, definitely, no one has this choice. Thus, one major source that could be a part of digital security loophole is stricken off.

Still, the pro tip here is, “DO NOT” use unsecured networks to continue your work. This makes you more vulnerable to the business with malicious strategies that aim to rise above you. 

                                     “For healthy competition, IT hygiene is a must.”

The easiest way to reduce such risks of the public or insecure networks is to use a virtual private network that would establish secure connections. This is a sure-shot way to keep your data safe, but you need to train your team to handle the VPN remotely before you start. 

Train Them Before You Trust Them

We understand the outbreak was sudden and you had no idea what was coming up. The remote workers need to be active in some challenging environments too and due to lack of training, they may succumb to the situation. It is great that you trust your employees related to the confidentiality of the data and productivity. But we all have a weakness, and ours is we are humans. No matter how smart you try to work, or what security measures you take a wrong move can spoil the game that too without any warnings.

                                                                 “To err is human”

To safeguard everything, all you need to do is conduct regular IT security programs where you can train your employees about the safety measures that need to be adopted, the loopholes they need to take care of, etc. Spare a little time for this and be rest assured your data is always safe with the team you have built. 

Do Not Leave the Endpoints Unattended

You have set some rules and limitations for the remote employees of the organization. Another major threat to address here is the threat to software applications, hardware devices, and operating systems. The hackers these days can always take advantage of the smallest exploit or void in the security system. Make sure you do not miss to go an extra mile to secure the data and provide access to limited devices only. The less number of people handling the information, the less threat. 

The big data analytics services providers associated with us make it a point that the information you want them access is handled only with secure devices over a private network. 


Make Use of Video Conferencing  

The biggest loophole in working with remote employees is spoofing the emails and chats. Any disguise user can easily access your emails and you may risk your action plan or the data itself. We work in some of the sensitive fields as the healthcare sector and understand how important it is for the employees and the employers to keep the data safe. We ensure we are connected with the clients over skype calls and other mediums for confidential information to ensure there is no threat of data leak. 

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We have partnered with some of the best cloud solution providers like AWS, Salesforce,  to ensure the data transfer process and cloud integration for the clients is easy and safe. 

Set Limits to Data Storage Capacity


Saving unwanted and random files on the local storage would also threaten the data that is already being shared. In case the job of your remote employee demands some downloads and saving of data make sure the IT department can control the storage capacity. Let them limit it to the minimum requirement and gradually increase the same if required. 

One important thing to notice here is, when you communicate with your team about your requirements or what you expect of them, just make sure they don’t feel being monitored. Explain to them why is it necessary and what impact it has on their work policy and yours too. 

The Bonus Tip!

After the sudden lockdown and #quarantine trending, many businesses in IT services, banking, education & elearning etc. had their employees work from home. You may not have managed to work on a few tips, but one very simple tip that would make other tips work too is “Be Transparent in Your Communication.” It is important when you pass instructions or safety guidelines to the employees they don’t feel being dominated or ordered. Communication plays an important part when the team is working remotely

Wrapping All Up

First thing First, do not panic about what is happening around the globe. Keep your calm, coordinate with the team, listen to the troubles they may face find a solution and share your concerns. In a tough time, you cannot bring your business to a stand-still. Let your remote workers be your support in the tough time like this and row you to the other side of the crash storm. 

A3logics is dedicated to helping you even in this time of the outbreak and ensures to be available for all your business needs. 

You can also read the message from our CEO here.  

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