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A3Logics Guides How to Engage and Communicate Better with Remote Staff during Crisis like COVID-19

Amidst the current pandemic of coronavirus, majority of the businesses have been forced to implement remote working for their staff. In the current crisis, ensuring the welfare of employees, keeping them productive, staying engaged with them and establishing open communication lines have become challenging for most of the businesses. 

We, at A3logics in the middle of this all-consuming global crisis, are working wholeheartedly to ensure the safety and well-being of both our employees and customers.

Our senior leaders, including managing director, CFO, COO, project managers, account managers, and HR executives are implementing necessary measures that are helping us communicate better and stay engaged with our staff while they work remotely.

Below are some of the remote working practices that our company has established for effective employee communication and engagement: 

We Are Fostering a “Camera-On” Culture for Remote Work 

Majority of our teams from development, marketing, HR, and finance departments are using video conferencing—with webcams on—for daily meetings while working remotely. Daily face-to-face video interactions are helping our team leaders build excellent relationships and effectively communicate daily tasks to their subordinates.

We Have Set-up a Cross-Functional COVID-19 Response Team, Reporting Directly to Our COO

IT companies should appoint members from their dedicated development teams to form a cross-functional, crisis response team. This team should report directly to the company COO about the project updates during a crisis like the COVID-19 outbreak. And, that is exactly what we have done in our firm. 

At A3logics, we have appointed a cross-functional team, consisting of members from each department to keep our senior authorities updated about the progress of each project. Apart from this, our internal, cross-functional pandemic response team is also meeting daily via video conferencing to discuss and monitor the rapidly evolving situation. 

We have Set-up a Robust Employee Communication Plan 

A robust and solid employee communication plan is a must for any IT consulting and Software Development Company during the crisis or emergency period to communicate about the company policies, requirements, and expectations from employees. A3logics is aligning to this idea and has set a clear communication strategy, under which we have: 

Internal Communication Strategy: Our HR team, team leaders and project managers is a major part of this strategy where they are reaching all our employees through a combination of emails, intranet postings, leader talks, FAQs, phone calls and webcam meets to keep them updated about company measures or policies related to remote working. 

External Communication Strategy: Our project leaders, account managers, general managers, CEO and COO are inclusive in this strategy. They are regularly in touch with our stakeholders, customers, suppliers, and media to keep them updated about our response strategies against COVID-19. 

We are going An Extra Mile to Ensure Superior Employee Engagement 

  • We are providing work from home tips in the Coronavirus outbreak scene to employees to help them stay healthy and infection-free.
  • A3logics is also investing heavily in work-from-from technologies (e.g., video conferencing tools, cloud services, etc.) to stay connected with employees during remote working. 
  • The crisis response team at our firm is also assessing all kinds of organizational and functional vulnerabilities, and preparing strategies to mitigate any kind of vulnerability.
  • We are working to reimburse all medical expenses of COVID-19 affected employees, through corporate insurance.
  • We have also implemented strict teleworking policies for our remote workers under which they are restricted to use unsanctioned cloud platforms, cannot open suspicious emails and are also not allowed to work on sensitive documents in public domains. 

We are Keeping Our Customers Engaged Through Consistent and Transparent Brand Communication on Social Channels 

See this engaging LinkedIn post from our CEO for all our business partners and customers. 

We are trying our best to stay transparent with all our global partners and customers by regularly updating them about what measures (e.g., health, safety, financial protection, etc.) or policies we have devised to protect and safeguard their interests. 

We are Driving a Cultural Change in Our Firm 

Our senior leaders, including COO, managing director, account managers, project managers, HR executives, etc. are working in tandem to figure out a head-on approach for the success of our remote working model.  Right from the start, we had a strong “in-office” culture where we provide round-the-clock services to most of our clients. For transitioning to remote working, it is important to drive a cultural change across the organization. 

Transitioning to remote working is not a simple process, nor a binary switch to be flipped. We understand this clearly; hence, leaders at our firm are trying to be at the forefront of this remote transition; communicating, collaborating and suggesting their ideas to all team leaders about what is and what is not working. 

We at A3logics are also fostering a cultural change for the success of our remote working model as well as engaging better with our employees. So far, working remotely is enabling our employees to save their commuting time, get working flexibility and be more productive. 

Wrapping Up…! 

The world of work has changed a lot in the past couple of weeks for employees across the globe. The current pandemic has also brought some new challenges for companies about how to adapt and manage remote work. In the present crisis, our senior leaders at A3logics have followed the above-given strategies and measures to stay connected with our remote workforce while improving their overall productivity. We hope the remote working practices mentioned in this blog will help other IT consulting companies engage better with their remote staff and deal with the coronavirus outbreak successfully. 

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