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A Year Ahead: Last Years Score Card and Next Year Plan

The festive season just ended leaving behind a trail of great memories and resolutions for the New Year. It’s been more than a year since we have posted something to interact with our audience. We now take this as an opportunity to reconnect with our audience after a year long hiatus.

During the tenure, we might have missed sharing some new updates about the company. Since last year was our decade year and we had committed to do a lot of new things in the coming year….our journey was ecstatic and now we are here with our report card of one year…

At the decade anniversary last year, A3logics revealed its one year plan with ‘Strategy Next A3logics 2.0’:

The company pledged to focus on different areas to enhance the efficiency of business processes. Apart from excelling in services that A3logics offers, we also focused on engaging in Branding & Marketing, Client Support Services, Sales, Talent Management, CSR, Succession Planning, etc.

The year was a real happening one as the teams did pull out some critical projects and delivered more than what the clients expected. To enhance our technology leadership and stay ahead of curve, we established another Data Center at our India location.

Our IT Staffing division worked fantastically and the clients are really happy with our recruited resources. Similarly, our product development teams worked brilliantly in Employee Benefits and EDI integration services for our clients to help them compete effectively.


As a part of our CSR activity, A3logics took the Go Green initiative and planted trees and supported eco-friendly practices. Other activities included driving the Child Education Program for a better tomorrow! Even the teams went on to perform a group funding and donated some good amount of money to a school run by an NGO.

Apart from the other activities, what the company majorly emphasized on was establishing healthy workplace environment to make a better work-life balance for employees. The Fun-Friday activities at A3, popularly known as “Gambol” cheered up employees helping them relieve work stress and enjoy with their team mates.


3 Premier League, TT tournament, etc. motivated employees to bring out that sports star in them and shine out with flying colors. The tournaments brought all the thrill and passion among the participants and created enthusiastic aura all around.

At our year’s Annual party, our CEO, Akhilesh Sharma appreciated the teams and other divisions in making the Strategy Next A3logics 2.0 a hit!

Though we missed out some!

He announced that this year, we will achieve much more than the previous one with special focus on Human Capital Management, Branding & Marketing, Talent Mapping, Web Commerce & Consulting, etc.


What more we have for you is our recently launched brand new website that exactly reflects what A3logics is as a company.

Our website is a reflection of all these new offerings for our clients and partners and also for our team mates to make better work life balance”, said Akhilesh.

Keep looking for more from A3..Cheers!

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