Sales, healthcare, finance, security, real estate, retail, labor….all these industries and more can benefit from the rightful implementation of any modern Customer-Relationship Management approach, respectively.

You may have already heard of Coupon Follows, especially of their most recent report that has shown that, among multitudinous other astounding findings, nearly half of all Millenials use some form of voice bot as they shop (appx. 45%, to be more precise). And we, of course, could ask the following : “Why can’t businesses use them for their own needs, as well, to get a lot more done?”

CRM tech, in essence, attributes characteristics based on certain factor and their assets. This is the short definition. But by and large, it can certainly connote a whole lot more. Engage data profiling, marketing AI analytics, and more, for either of these industries mentioned, or even for some other, and you will be engaging the modern world. And there are a host of great reasons to even study CRM integration, in the first place, including but not limited to great biometrics and surveillance in all our future systems, enhanced facial recog and image retrieval, and much more. 

The idea behind all of this is manifold…..but we’ll discuss the topic from various points, respectively….. 


Feature Engineering

This very generic process involves domain knowledge, first and foremost, which ought to be properly put into making feature extractors with two goals. The first would naturally be to reduce data complexities, and the second might be to make all relevant patterns a whole lot more visible, in order to learn how the inter - related algorithms have been working (and can work) their best. Time - consuming and quite costly, not to mention quite difficult to fully, properly process, it is still worth a go. Many experts have already found value in incorporating both subsets within this category.


Approaches for Problem - Solving

‘Traditional learning’ algorithms, for example, are what have been used the most, for century upon century upon century….in order to solve all forms of known problems or abnormalities. Yet what we have found, in the last two years, even, is that problems need to be broken down, each into separate parts, in order to then have to be solved, individually --- one by one. And perfectly combining them all, checking the work multiple times, is what would give us a result. Machine Learning, as such, would usually divide all problems into two separate steps, involving its detection and its recognition. This is just a side note to consider in assessing all of this…..


Technical aspects are fine, but how does CRM actually helps in lead profiling and nurturing?

Lead Management

CRM gives an easy view of complete sales activities, detailed individual leads, B2B company and contact records, and communication history all at one place so you can manage leads and profile hot, warm and lost leads.

Personalize your sales outreach without digging for details

Sending personalized welcome mails, sms and manual communications. Cut down on the amount of time you spend preparing to make a sales call or send an email with marketing automation tailored for different lead groups. Leading CRM solutions automatically send emails, record calls, and send timeline notifications to your team, so that your team is always on top of every lead for follow-up. With contact details, business information, and previous communication right on your computer screen, you can easily revive dormant leads and improve your sale ratios.

Connect To Power Conversations

CRM solutions provide accurate and complete lead information so that sales reps can connect with your potential customers faster and strike business critical conversations.

Utilize Key & Get Integrated Lead Intelligence

Enriched leads data obtained from your CRM will provide marketing insights so that you can leverage the right business opportunities there and then. CRM systems like Salesforce, hubspot provide lead intelligence data so that you know which leads you want to pursue right away and which leads still require nurturing for better qualification.

Close More Deals With Less Work