a3logics Skill of Skills-The Listening Skill

Today’s time calls for selling oneself in the greatest grandeurs ever. But as we are engrossed in marketing ourselves we are enveloped with clouds of nervousness. Especially during the interview process we tend to bend to the nervous road. Now this tense texture also has various ways of handling and overcoming it. Some of us ease down; try to take the calm road but on the other hand some talk too much on such occasions. If I were to propose a suggestion it would go something like this, inhale a lot of oxygen in one go, but slowly. In other words, take a deep breath and permit yourself a little time to assimilate the question before you react. Demonstrate your dynamic listening skills. Few seconds invested in absorbing the question will facilitate you in coming up with a more thoughtful succinct answer, and ultimately pilot to a winning interview.

This strategy aids in clearing off your distraction zones. Multi–tasking is the latest fad heard too often than any other thing in the offices. But I recommend not using it during your interview. If you are at work concentrate on that nothing except than that. Remove your gum before you enter the office. Also don’t ponder too much about your lunch. Such insignificant things may sidetrack the main purpose that is the interview. Calm Down, Focus on Focus and don’t forget to Smile. Follow this as it comes with a tag of SUCCESS GUARANTEED.

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