With continuously advancing technology, B2B companies are on constant quest to revamp their revenue-generating marketing and sales efforts. Marketing automation is an approach that has transformed the marketing landscape for B2B companies whether it is lead generation or new business development. According to recent studies, the companies that have adopted Marketing Automation did witness significant increase in their sales.

Salesforce CRM is one such platform that offers multiple marketing automation tools like Marketing Cloud, Social Studio, Pardot, etc. to get sales and marketing on the same page. 

Salesforce Pardot is a B2B marketing automation solution giving businesses the capability to integrate their marketing activities with the cloud platform. Salesforce Pardot enables sales teams to analyze the areas where to spend to maximize ROI. 

Unique features of Salesforce Pardot:

#Capture Your Leads More Effectively:

Salesforce Pardot can create emails, custom landing pages and manage campaigns. Pardot’s email editor allows you to create a segmented list that is customized according to your specifications. With this segmented list you can send right message to tap the right customer at the right time. Pardot dynamically modifies the email and website content based on a prospect’s different values.

#Close More Deals with Smarter Engagement:

Salesforce Pardot allows real time sales alerts and activity tracking thereby enabling sales reps to determine which leads seem the most responsive to particular campaigns. Uniting Salesforce Engage with Pardot offers sales team with a rich library of organized market content. Thus, by tracking every interaction, businesses can target potential leads with a more personalized approach turning them into a lifelong customer.  

#Drive More Revenue:

Salesforce Pardot helps you easily monitor and control the Salesforce Engage campaigns. Pardot’s visual reporting for B2B marketing dashboards empowers users with new insights therefore maximizing your marketing vision. Integration of Salesforce CRM with Pardot provide automated collaboration between sales & marketing reps and end-to-end lead tracking that will result in more revenue generation for the company.

#Enhanced Customer Engagement:

Pardot allows you to track every email interaction so that sales and marketing team can determine which emails are generating more leads. In addition, it also offers drag and drop builders to create custom landing pages and forms that trigger notifications, alerts and all updates on conversion. Thus, building custom engagement campaigns allow businesses to better understand each customer’s buying behavior.

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Summing Up:

Pardot is a cloud based B2B marketing automation that manages all prospects, leads, emails and contact forms to maximize manual sales and marketing efforts while increasing ROI. Salesforce CRM integration with Pardot can lead to effective lead management, micro-level wave analytics and personalized content therefore engaging more customers and bringing more value to your business.