Unveiling of Salesforce Lightning Experience has been a transformative move for the entire CRM industry. As considered by Salesforce, Lightning Experience was a multi-year mission and with the tremendous results, we can say that the mission is accomplished in true senses! It was introduced with intuitive features to help you build apps faster, sell faster, enhance productivity and make well-informed decisions with a connected experience everywhere. 

As across the globe, users have shown tremendous interest in implementing the Lightning Experience, there’s a possibility that new UI and recent updates in the technology may bring some newer possibilities for the users. 
So, here are a few things that you need to know about Lightning and what it can do for your business:

Connects Salesforce Products to a Powerful Platform:

In today’s super-connected world, multiple development environments, siloed information, and disconnected apps lead to fragmented and unfriendly user experience that may not keep customers satisfied or happy. Thus, with the  Salesforce Lightning UI, products are connected to a single platform that will lead more connected experience. Thus, clients can deliver unbroken and consistent user experience across business. 

Accelerated Processes:

To succeed in today’s complex and fast digi-world, speed is the key! It is the time when you need speeded up operations for swifter app development with accelerated time to market. Thus, Lightning is here to accelerate your processes and help you build applications faster and connect with customers. The platform helps users build apps and customize using the drop and drag components which will in turn help you deliver apps faster to your sales, marketing teams to work more efficiently and bring better business results.  

Fully-Optimized Mobile Experience:

The best part of the Lightning is that its UI is fully mobile optimized. The basic idea was to enable mobile users to run their business processes from anywhere, anytime. They can even use it in offline mode and sync when connected. All information from sales details to analytics to filed service, everything will be easily accessible. 

Real-time Insights To Inform Your Decisions:

Analytics is something that is very important in today’s data-driven business decision-making. You need data at every level of business operation and thus, using outdated or second hand data may affect the efficiency of the process badly. Thus, Lightning provides you the option of having access to real-time data and analytics to help you make informed decisions and run your processes more efficiently. With embedded analytics and notifications, your process teams need not to switch different programs to get insights or data as they get it already in the tool they use on a daily basis.

Tailor-made to Fit-in your Work Style 

Lightning has been specifically deigned to get customized as per your business processes. You can customize your CRM to make it more effective and successful. The feature was added with a view to empower the sales and services organizations to use a solution that is tailor-made as per their business needs and requirements. 

Dovetailing the Above..

Even the most seasoned professionals need the right tools and technology to perform the business processes perfectly. Salesforce is a leading CRM tool helping sales performers across the globe and making businesses successful. With that in mind, it is rolling out the most innovative products and features. Lightning is one of its most ambitious innovations and is already connecting the Salesforce products to the super-connected world.