Gartner estimated, by 2020, there will be 25 billion smart devices that will transmit the data to us, to cloud and among themselves. Means, there will be tens of billions of data-spouting devices connected to the internet! 

Internet of Things (IoT), referred as the -Next Industrial Revolution, is already changing how people live, think and work. The dynamic shift it is bringing in how businesses, government and consumers interact with the physical world is phenomenal! 
Following the trend, CRM platforms have also ventured into embracing IoT and realizing the multiple benefits it can bestow. 

The IoT Cloud can help connect billions of events with large number of devices, sensors, applications and with the help of Internet of Things, you can dig out better insights to deliver improved customer services.

Salesforce IoT Cloud: How it Works?

With a view to create more personalized CRM experiences, Salesforce has ventured into the IoT Cloud. The platform is designed to store and process the IoT data and is being described as an immensely scalable real-time event processing engine. 

The IoT Cloud will bind all the Sales, Marketing and Service Clouds. Customer data can be divided into two parts-one being the related data that explains buying preferences of consumers, while the other explains how the user engages with the device and your applications on real-time basis. Thus, the cloud will process and blend both types of data to help businesses learn more about their customers and engage them more relevantly with services and features what they want and look for.

Salesforce IoT Cloud and Countless Opportunities 

The cloud provides users with more comprehensive insights on customers without having to need technical expertise. Here are a few of its benefits:

Well-Informed Sales & Marketing Efforts:

No doubt, with the integration of IoT and CRM systems, the two departments that will benefit the most are the sales and marketing departments. Sales people can develop a better rapport and employ a more targeted approach towards their target market by getting the data analysis results derived from data gained from IoT. 

Similarly, marketing professionals will be able to generate more ground-breaking strategies to promote brand by knowing exact customer preferences and needs. Moreover, along with the regular marketing activities, now businesses can even move to real-time promotions of their brands on the basis of the real-time data as obtained. 

Improved Customer Services:

IoT is running faster than we can think! For instance, for an airline, having passengers who have connecting flight that are delayed or cancelled, can be rebooked on other flights even before their preceding flights have landed. This level of proactive customer services will help you make your customers happier and satisfied. 

Thus, with the cloud, you can determine real-time issues and by properly analyzing details and customer data, you can come up with more efficient plans to avoid any damage to your customer’s money, your reputation as well as public relations. 

Updated Pricing Models:

Having right and timely promotions as well as complete consumer insights through live data streaming, businesses can revise their pricing strategies as per the changing market dynamics. Now businesses need not to follow the traditional statistical techniques to optimize pricing and will more depend on the real-time events to position their brand with competitive pricing model. 

To Sum Up..

Dovetailing the above, Salesforce IoT Cloud is a revolutionary move in this revolutionary era. The IoT, when connected to the rest of Salesforce, will bring more useful insights about consumer actions and reactions, thereby making businesses make well-informed decisions to deliver high quality customer services.