a3logics Education For All - CSR Initiative by A3logics

Getting proper access to education has been a longed luxury for majority of underprivileged children in India. In lieu of this, certain Acts had been enforced by the government to give fundamental right to education to all children. Around 93% of schools in India are in government sector-self-operated, funded or aided.

But, here are a few stats that tell a different story: around 4% of children never attend school, 58% of children are not even able to complete their primary education and only a mere 10% of children are able to complete their school education.

These below par statistics ignited the need for “EDUCATION FOR ALL” initiative by A3logics. Other factors that added to the cause included lack of infrastructure, teaching faculty and other facilities for students.  

A3logics, as a part of its rigorous CSR activities, has been supporting education of 150 children studying in a government school in Jaipur, Rajasthan. The initiative has gained momentum over the past few years with active participation of A3 team members.

Here is a short documentary on the school kids and how our initiative is taking shape:


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