Disaster recovery plan or you can say business continuity plan is extremely crucial to make sure that your business is always up and running, in whatever ill-situations faced.

Have you ever given it a thought; what if your business suffers a disaster, let it be of any kind, a simple human mistake, power surge, a serious virus attack or even worse - a natural calamity. How much time do you think it will take you to recover from it?

Some might think “I regularly take backup; why do I have to worry about recovery? Why do I need a Disaster Recovery plan?” Well take a look at this.

As per the results of a recent survey, it has been found that 79% companies have had a major IT failure in the past two years. Among them 23% struggled more than a day to recover from the failure, 29% took 1-4 hours to get on track and restart business operations & only around 8% were able to recover in less than 1 hour. The ratio of survival is visibly low and signifies the importance of a recovery plan.

Down the line, the major problem faced by them was downtime. Even if all the data was properly backed up, business downtime can cause an unimaginable loss and if it is not rectified in time then the losses ascend with every clock tick. Some organizations never even recover from this loss and lose their entire existence.

A DR plan is what comes to the rescue and testify a famous quote “A stitch in time saves nine”. Companies, who understand this, know that recovery is the key and they plan accordingly. Although disaster cannot be entirely avoided or foreseen but a Disaster Recovery plan is surely worth making.

So, what is so good about a disaster recovery plan?

With a proper plan, successful downtime slayers become superior to those who get eaten. Having a pre - planned DR, organizations make certain that their key functionalities keep running or come on track in minimum time possible.

Disaster Recovery plan helps in managing company assets and inventory comfortably. Keep a track of entire used and unused assets or equipments and make use of the extra ones at the time of need. A proper documentation of each machine usage instructions and every job description is also a part of a good DR plan which might come handy in case the concerned person is unavailable. DR plan even proves to be cost effective by identifying the areas where cost cutting can be done.

At the end, to make sure that you have a perfect DR plan, perform a test run. This will alert all the employees as what should be done when a disaster strikes and everyone will be well prepared for it. To gain and retain confidence of company clients, associates, business partners and stake holders, involve them in the testing phase. So, plan now for the unknown and nothing will come in your way to surprise you.