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All You Need To Know About Salesforce

The growth of an organization cannot be merely determined by its sales figures. It is not always about selling products and services to your existing customers but generating leads that can be converted into sales plays a vital role in keeping your business ahead of its competitors.

After the advent of the internet, cloud-based computing solutions became popular since the turn of the millennium, with numerous software development service providers coming into existence. These services have revolutionized business activities, helping organizations grow leaps and bounds.

One such service which has become an instant hit is Salesforce. Here’s everything you need to know about this advanced computing software.

What is Salesforce?

Salesforce is a #1 cloud-based software platform, used by more than 150,000 companies across the world. It is the fifth-largest software development company that has become the epitome of digitalized CRM solutions. Also, Salesforce is the leading provider of SaaS-based applications.

All about Salesforce

Software as a service (or SaaS) delivers software applications using the Internet – as a service. These are also called on-demand software, web-based software or hosted software. The SaaS users don’t need to install, maintain and update any hardware that actually sets customers free from the complexity of hardware and software management. All they need to access SaaS applications is “INTERNET”. The SaaS application provider is responsible for the performance, availability, and security of the application.

What makes Salesforce successful?

Firstly, it was more affordable than other options, secondly, it is much easier to implement, and thirdly, it doesn’t require the hassle of licensing or time-bound contracts. Being a cloud-based computing software, users can simply access the service through cloud, without going through the lengthy installation purposes. It is extremely less time consuming, particularly for organizations with a large number of users. The trio of affordability, sustainability, and user-friendliness made Salesforce an instant hit.

Why is Salesforce a better option?

Salesforce is the best cloud-based computing software, unlike its competitors, who are more focused on internet sharing, which takes lengthy installation times and long times. Also, integrating other CRM solutions can take several months on an organizational level, however, Salesforce integration services are completed within a few days, or weeks.

Salient features of Salesforce that will definitely turn your head around:

1. Speedy Process

Creating a CRM app on Salesforce is extremely fast. It cuts the time you spend on processes one needs to undergo using traditional CRM solutions. To convert an idea into an application, you need to set up requisite hardware, install traditional software, which takes several hours for an organizational setup, and then follow several steps like setting up reports, analysis, and security.

Salesforce, being a cloud computing platform, cuts everything in between the idea and the app. You just need to use the suite of tools required from Salesforce, build the app, and leave the rest on the cloud software. This gives you enough time to focus on the concept, rather than the tools.

2. Simple User-Interface

The format of the Salesforce CRM system is extremely intuitive and easy to understand. Unlike other customer relationship management systems, it does not involve coding at the user’s end. Hence, even someone with a non-technical background can use this platform to grow their business.

By cutting the clutter of complex processes, Salesforce makes creating CRM solutions seamless and easy. For instance, creating a CRM app with traditional solutions requires a variety of expertise, right from hardware to security. However, Salesforce development services don’t require multiple expertise, therefore reducing the effort on the part of the developers.

3. High Scalability

For instance, a company with 50 employees, and offices in two states install traditional CRM software, with all the bells and whistles. A year later, if it expands to four offices, and 100 employees, it will have to ring the bells and whistles again, which means all the resources spent again. This makes the traditional CRM solutions fall short in terms of scalability.

This isn’t the case with Salesforce. Being on the cloud, all authorized users can access the app, from anywhere, and as long as they are authorized. All of this without adding extra hardware and other stuff for servers. All you’d need an extended cloud space, which costs a fraction of what other equipment does. This makes Salesforce highly scalable.

4. Highly Collaborative

Team collaboration is needed to achieve sustained growth and increased profitability of any business. Using a Salesforce CRM platform allows easy communication with team members that makes the enterprise more responsive to customer’s needs - be it retail & ecommerce, food & restaurant solutions or any other business. The salesforce chatter keeps team members on the same page. Hence, instead of organizational boundaries, your workforce can remain connected.

Summing up

Salesforce CRM is certainly one of the best solutions when it comes to handling customer relationship management. Salesforce Sales Cloud is a fully equipped CRM system having numerous tools ranging from sales pipeline monitoring to lead fostering, contact management, and performance analytics.  These tools automatically scale up and down according to the operational requirement. Its interface is easy-to-navigate and very scalable that meets the needs of small, medium and large enterprises. However, like any other CRM system, there may be a few stumbling blocks that fail to meet user expectations.

We understand that finding a correct CRM software solution is crucial for any business. At A3logics, we have highly skilled and trained Salesforce developers who can assess your prospective program and help you select the right program that suits best for your organization.

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