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Ruby on Rails Development

8 Things To Check Out Before Hiring A ROR Development Company

The emerging technological advancement has revolutionized the entire IT industry. This has led to proliferation of software  and app development companies claiming to deliver the best solutions for your business. 

Indeed, starting a new business venture in itself is a huge undertaking but hiring the right IT partner is more critical when you have hundreds and thousands of options. It requires a great deal of research work because a wrong partnership results in total wastage of time, and money.

Ruby on Rails programming language is a preferred choice among coders and developers for building web applications and mobile APIs. 

If you’re looking for a reliable Ruby on Rails Development Company, this blog can guide you on how to find the right one. But before we move on, let's first understand: Ruby on Rails

Ruby On Rails : Introduction

Ruby is a high-level programming language and Rails is a web-application framework that comes with multiple features and utilizes metaprogramming techniques to build fully functional applications.

Ruby on Rails is a server-side app development framework written in Ruby language. These two together create a strong foundation for your business. And its precise implementation process enables developers to quickly deploy a complex project with the utmost ease.

Listed below are the checkpoints to tick before selecting your ROR development partner

Areas of Expertise 

Before choosing a company, you must judge the technical expertise of it. Checking out case studies, portfolios, their years of experience, track record, and the number of projects delivered successfully can give you a fair idea about any organisation. These are the parameters you need to look into beforehand to find reliable Ruby on Rails Development Company in USA

Those who are unable to present their service history, ask them personally. If still they don’t share with you all the details, remove it from your checklist and move over to the next best option.

Look for a company that has successfully delivered different kinds of projects under its wings.

Factors of Logistics

Along with their technical expertise and years of working experience, you need to look at the company's logistics. It is very important to know about their project planning structure, and modes of communication in diverse time zones.

You need to check whether they are embracing the latest app technologies and frameworks like Xamarin and React native, etc. into their process or not.   What tool are they using? Are they having access to all code versions? Ask them whether they would maintain a transparent work process on different assignments or not. 

As a part of exclusive ROR development service, some big companies render on-site project management and hybrid development solutions.

Functionality and Methodologies

A software development company must follow standard industry practises. Hence you need to check whether the company is ISO certified or not, which development methodology it follows - Agile, waterfall or any other. Also know about their quality upkeep procedures.

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Clearly Defined Project Management Protocols

Before you hire Ruby on Rails Developers, ensure that they have well-defined project management protocols. In this case, you should share your project expectations with the company. You can use Skype, GoToMeeting Hangouts or Facetime to keep a check on their development schedules.

This will let you know how they structure your requirements.

You can also use project management tools like Asna, Jira or Trello to assign tasks to developers. These tools update you about the daily work progress.

Commitment to Deliver Sustainable Solutions

It is okay if you're not updated with the current technology trends. One thing that stands above it is you should be clear with your project goals. Therefore, you should communicate your requirements clearly and check the level of commitment they show towards your organization. This will let you know whether the company is result-oriented or not.

Round the Clock Availability

When you are looking for an offshore development partner, round the clock availability is an essential feature to consider. It helps you communicate with them any time.

Hence, it is suggested to go with a company  that maintains a touch-point. This initiates easy interaction between both the parties.

Ask for Demo Services

A number of top ROR development companies offer trial services to clients to show their service quality and technical expertise. During this demo period, it is advised not to assign them any critical projects. And you need to adjust as per their work model and communication methodologies. This is a unique opportunity to find a reliable web development company. 

Check Personal-level Acumen towards business and clients

Apart from the aforesaid points, one more thing you need to know prior to hiring your Ruby on Rails Service provider is personal approach and integrity towards handling clients. Interrogate them about their work-culture, functioning-style. Ask them questions to clear your queries. Be it related to technology or their process.

Go ahead with them, if you get satisfactory answers to all your questions.

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Capping off !!!

You cannot deny the fact that partnering with an offshore Ruby On Rails Development Company is a profitable deal that brings more value to your business.

Henceforth, considering above points can simplify this critical task of finding a reliable ROR partner.

A3logics is a leading Ruby on Rails Development Company . Our premium pool of skilled ROR developers assist you with end-to-end ROR development services and that too in a cost-effective way. 

Our main objective is to deliver comprehensive software solutions that improve client experience and support their business model.

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