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8 Reasons that make Cloud-Based Mobile Apps a Good Business Investment

Today, cloud-based mobile apps have experienced tremendous growth and became one of the biggest essentials of the IT industry. More and more organizations are opting for cloud-based applications

Cloud technology has changed the complete designing process for developers with the varied features and functionalities. One of the major reasons for making a shift to cloud is it offers users the freedom to launch an app simultaneously on both iOS and Android platforms.

IDC predicts that by 2020, public IT cloud services will account for 58% of the $355 billion combined spending on traditional plus public cloud applications, development and deployment tools, infrastructure software, storage, and servers. 

Better distribution, easy management, and good integration are some of the reasons for this major technical switch.

Let’s now check out what makes cloud-based apps so much in demand.

Supports Multiple Platforms 

Unlike native apps that need to be developed mainly for Android or iOS devices, cloud apps work on both of these operating systems. This is a major reason why you should develop cloud-based mobile apps. As far as development time is concerned, programmers can dispatch the application on iOS within the same time frame as that of Android, making the app execution process easy. This flexibility of launching apps simultaneously on both platforms exposes your application to a wide customer base. 

Seamless Database Integration

To run any mobile apps smoothly, they have to be integrated with databases. But this is a time-consuming and complicated process (if trying with a native app), yet important. Well, importing all of your database information is certainly a long process but in a cloud-based mobile apps development all information gets synchronized with the cloud server. So if you’re developing a cloud app, your programmers don’t need to worry about writing complex code to integrate your databases. 

Cloud Apps don’t need to be Installed 

Unlike native apps that only work if installed on the user’s device, a cloud-based mobile app doesn't need to be installed or downloaded on the user’s device. Cloud apps act like a web-based application and interact directly with the cloud to fetch data. It runs smoothly and provides an amazing user experience.

Save Much Time

Usually, before hiring the iOS or Android app development partner, businesses must  know how long it takes to build a mobile application, the cost, and all the efforts involved. 

As mobile app development is a constant and continuous process, hence without understanding the precise requirement, it would be hard to estimate the development timeline.

While it varies greatly, the general answer you can provide is, it all depends on the type of app we’re building and the overall complexity of the app. Also, if there arises the need of adding specific features that are complex, then this development process takes around 6 to 12 months to build and sometimes even more than a year.

Cloud-based apps usually take less time to develop as the basic factors such as integration, security, API and backend connection, and many more things are already set to use. Isn’t it time efficient to simultaneously work for both stores with just one development version.

Since speed is an important factor from a competitive perspective, fast app development will give your clients an edge over the competitors by reducing time to market.

Highly Cost Effective

Another best feature of cloud apps is its cost-saving factor. 

Suppose if you want to build a native app for both Google Play Store and Apple App Store at the same time then you should be ready to pay more than double their costs on app development.

This is the reason why most of businesses from retail & ecommerce, healthcare, food & restaurant and other sectors are switching to Cloud apps as their development costs are lower. Additionally, you only have to build the app once that will work for both platforms.

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Data Recovery is Simple

A data center is the most crucial part of your organization. And, keeping it safe is the utmost priority of any IT team.

As a part of owning a business, you need to be realistic and should have a backup for unfortunate times. If everything is being stored on a local server, what will you do if the server gets destroyed?

A sudden fire breakout or occurrence of natural disasters could destroy a local server.

Cloud hosting your app, any breakage or disaster can't cause data loss as everything is stored on multiple servers

Hence, the stored data is always secured. If in any case, the data is lost, it can be backed up efficiently.

High Data Security

Contrary to common misconception, cloud apps are extremely flexible, safe and secure. Data stored in the cloud cannot be accessed easily and secured using the highest protocols. It guarantees that the data is adequately secured and there is a minimum chance of information getting lost. A cloud host looks after the security of the cloud as opposed to in-house IT teams that have to multitask and divide their attention among a myriad of activities. Keeping data off-site prevents internal data theft and makes your application more secure. 

Easy to Maintain

One of the best ways to prevent users from uninstalling your app is to give them an amazing experience. 

Launching an app in the market is just a start. You need to constantly update the app and implement new features to improve the overall user experience.

As we all know, this regular maintenance isn’t economic. But this is a necessity. With that being said, you need to scale your app along the way to stay ahead from your competitors

So scaling your mobile application and coming up with new features, bug fixes, and updates is definitely to be done on priority. We can do this with native apps, but that’s a costly affair.

Whereas scalability is easy with cloud apps. Whenever any feature is added, cloud app users won’t have to install a new update to their devices.

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Wrapping the Whole Story

So, if you’re looking for a secure, easy and cost-effective way to develop an app, consider going for a cloud-based app.

For all the reasons listed above, cloud-based mobile apps are globally adopted by tech-savvy enterprises to stay ahead of the competition as it is beneficial in so many aspects. Development in cloud technology facilitates business associations to develop such solutions that take their business operations to new heights.

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