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6 Reasons That Will Compel You to Seek Laravel Development Solution

Finding the right app development platform for a business is tricky and a complicated process. Of course, a website or app is a critical part of any business but the decision also makes all the difference to the quality and functionality of the application. So, it is important that the business owner invests in a profitable option that can give the highest return. 

Are you also planning to seek a custom solution for your brand? Then go for the option with the precise language, extensions, CMS, and libraries. Start by picking the suitable CMS as per your business requirements as it can enhance your application and ensure maximum security without much coding. One name that pops in our mind that fulfills these conditions is Laravel PHP Framework. Many established and renowned brands have opted for Laravel Framework, making it the most sought-after option in the industry. It has not only given them reliable and result-oriented application for their business but has also taken their companies to new heights. 

If you are still thinking about why we recommend Laravel Development Service to everyone, then here are a few reasons that support our stand. So, let’s dig in more into Laravel and factors associated with it.

Here we go:

What Is Laravel?

Although PHP was a popular name amongst developers to build web or app, it was not competent enough to handle complicated and cumbersome functionalities of a website. Even if it achieved the goal, it involved lengthy coding that required a lot of time. So, in 2011, Taylor Otwell introduced an open-source PHP framework which was easy to modify and understand. It is called Laravel that was created with the sole purpose of helping developers to simplify coding and make the process faster. As it reuses the existing components of different frameworks to create web applications, the whole design process is more organized and systematic. Thanks to its Model View Controller approach and features like easy authentication and caching, easy routing and session management, flexibility and unit testing, etc., the pain of development is minimized in the majority of projects. A simple Laravel Tutorial would be good enough to get you started with this framework. 

With a wide spectrum of functionalities, it combines with basic elements of PHP which include Yii, Codelgniter, and other programming languages, such as RoR. Needless to say that it has enhanced the development experience of PHO developers immensely. Now, in 2020, PHP Laravel Framework is considered as the ideal solution for PHP web applications. 

Now that you are acquainted with what Laravel is, let’s take a look at a few reasons why you must avail of Laravel solution for your business:

Robust Security

Laravel comes with rigorous safety and a highly secure framework against different threats like SQL injections and cross-site forgery. It safeguards the code base and enables business apps to perform seamlessly. Using parameter binding and PDO, it restricts any SQL injections and any unethical hacking, hence keeping user data and information safe. Moreover, the boilerplate code is pre-ready with Laravel and uses ‘guards’ and ‘providers’ to complete user authentication.

Another way that hackers use to hamper data security is by providing malicious links that can create confusion at the back-end if visited. Laravel takes care of this evil-intentioned threat as well through leverage CSRF tokens. It restricts any third-party to access the website or requests. With the Laravel migration service, businesses can also get protection against Cross-Site Scripting. However, make sure to hire a reliable and professional Laravel Development Company to ascertain effective and efficient web development. 

Unit Testing

Here is another aspect that makes Laravel a preferred framework for developers and is recommended to businesses for web application development. It comes with an advantage of unit testing which results in easier application and also assures a flawless product. Through unit testing, any changes made by the developer do not affect or break the entire web app. Here, each module or component of the wen is tested so that not a single part of the website remains broken or flawed. It identifies all the bugs and eliminates them before the website is launched which further improves the chances of delivering high-performing and error-free applications to users. Apart from unit testing, various other tests are conducted to eliminate any breakdown in case a Laravel developer introduces a new update anytime on the web. 

Powerful Authentication

The primary objective of Taylor Otwell to create Laravel was to provide the users with certain features that are hardly available in other frameworks and one of them was built-in support for authorization and authentication. Laravel allows developers to build applications that grant access to the only authorized users. There is an organized and simple authentication system that includes Login, Registration and Password Reset. The mechanism of the authorization logic is seamless yet powerful, thus, keeps all the unauthorized users away from the web. The best part is all this is done by using a single command. 

Open Source Framework

Now you can seek web development service at an economical price as Laravel is an open-source framework which means that it is free to use. No wonder why it has become an ultimate choice for businesses as well as developers across the industries. Also, with a huge and supportive Laravel community consisting of dedicated developers, you can get the required assistance at any time, anywhere. They are always on their toes to make it more flexible and scalable to enhance web performance. Therefore, if you want to build an app that may demand some complex functionalities and features, you can ask for help and get expert advice instantly to build the app as per your business needs. Moreover, it makes a complicated task of app building easy with its code maintainability. 

Enhanced Performance

Amongst many reasons to pick Laravel for your app, the one that is the most compelling is the enhanced performance of the web. Well, the main aim of any business is to offer a platform to users that are effective, engaging, and easy and that is what Laravel assures. This framework is known for improving the quality of the application and also reducing the development time. With its different tools like Redis and Memcached when integrated within Laravel adds to the performance of the web app. You can start using the framework today by getting a simple Laravel Tutorial. It's easy to learn and execute for building web applications. 

Blade Templating

The blade templating is another distinct feature of PHP Laravel that makes it stand out from frameworks. The developers can use pre-defined templates to write codes and can also work on their own codes for added functionalities. As the engine is dynamic, user-friendly, intuitive and works well with PHP/HTML code, they can write codes and get done with the development process within no time. Moreover, the templates are impressive and lightweight, hence, one doesn’t have to compromise on the performance of the website. To reduce the loading time and ensure good appeal, developers can use the widgets of CSS which is surely an improvement. 


The above-mentioned points clearly state why Laravel is considered a perfect framework for new generation users. Its features like cost-effectiveness, speed, easy routing, queuing, caching, and more only add to its popularity and provide scalable solutions. It has influenced startups, small and medium enterprises from retail & ecommerce, education and elearning, and other sectors effectively. Taking a look at the benefits that it offers, we can certainly say that it is compelling for all those who want an amazing and effective web application for their business. 

However, the perfect way to leverage these benefits of the Laravel Framework is by partnering with a reliable and trusted Laravel development company. The team of A3logics presents itself to deliver successful applications to clients that serve their individual needs. Their success and trust are the testimony to our expertise in the field. Do you also want to join the league of these renowned business owners? Then connect with us, share your specifications and just relax. We will soon start working on your project and dispatch the web that exceeds your expectations. 

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