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5 Renowned Applications Written in Node.js

Node.js has now become a go-to technology for many established businesses - from retail & ecommerce, banking & finance to transportation - worldwide. From applications like online games and social media portals to messengers and real-time tracking platforms, it has successfully provided fast and scalable solutions to each of them. The credit for its popularity goes to its speed, concurrency and intensive data exchange along with various other advantages that it offers. 

For those who are not acquainted with this technology, here is a little insight. Node.js is an open-source runtime environment using JavaScript to develop server-side apps. Soon after its launch in 2009, the technology eliminated the need to use different languages and allowed a single language app development. Although it is known for real-time applications, it also supports mobile app development due to its package manager ecosystem - NPM. Apart from this, it also excels in many other situations demanded from the servers and all because of its unique I/O model. Adding more to its features, it is efficient, lightweight and can use JS on both backend and frontend, hence, paving way for new development processes. No wonder why giants and renowned brands select Node.js over other languages. 

So, in this blog, we will discuss such Node.js applications that trusted this technology and even witnessed a rise in their profitability over time. You will also read about the reasons that compel them to shift to Node.js and benefits that the companies availed.

Let’s get started:


Who hasn’t heard of Uber? It is one of the first on-demand applications that took the world by storm and gained global popularity. From making commuting super convenient to providing thousands of jobs to drivers and developers, it has given a great boost to the economy. It is a platform that rings drivers and clients at one place and connects them through an app. Anyone who is looking for transportation can book a cab online and even select the driver through an easy process. Of course, this app needed a reliable system that can handle all the process and offer various functionalities without hampering the quality of the platform. This is where Node.js came into the picture. As Uber keeps evolving with time, introducing new features and technologies to make it more efficient, Node.js is capable enough to keep pace with these changes. It makes the scaling-up process smoother and simple while accommodating the rising demand of customers. 


LinkedIn is another renowned name that is helping many aspirants find dream jobs across the globe. This employment-oriented social networking app also trusted Node.js as its framework partner and switched to it from Ruby on Rails last year. Yes, it was considered an immature environment for Node.js development but this shift proved to be a smart move for the company, benefitting it immensely within a short period. The new app was ten times faster, scalable and lightweight. Moreover, the traffic capacity is almost doubled and allows clients to make a single request per page. Even the number of servers has reduced to 4 from 15 and on top of that, the development process was not even lengthy but quick. 


Do we need to introduce you to Netflix? It’s everywhere, almost every person has switched their television with Netflix subscription and now it has viewership in billions across the countries. We all rely on his platform for our daily dose of entertainment but it trusts Node.js to provide its users with rich experience. It uses A/B testing to run the data-driven platform and get the attention of its loyal viewers worldwide. However, a wide range of packages often leads to dependencies and scalability issues and that is why the company preferred Node.js to make it lightweight and faster. One of the biggest benefits of this selection was that it reduced the startup time by 70%. This provided Netflix with a greater edge of its earlier development when it was using Java at the backend and JavaScript at the frontend. As it required proficiency in the language, it only added to debugging and error-handling time. However, the change in a programming language resulted in high performance and an even higher number of users. 


People have now moved on to a digital payment system and Paypal is a leading name in the industry. It is actually the first company to use Node.js for its backend development. However, it was initially using Java and JS on its backend and frontend respectively. With the different development team divided on browser-specific and layer-specific code, it led to nothing but confusion. So, Node.js seemed to be the perfect solution that brought cohesiveness by using the same programming language in browser and server level, hence, solving issues and effectively serving user needs. Moreover, the people involved in the app development process were fewer with almost twice the speed. The lines of code were 33% fewer and the app was built with almost 40% fewer files. 


Last but the most significant one. We are talking about NASA, a company that uses Node.js to ensure the safety of astronauts during their space expeditions. Like most other apps, NASA was also not developed using Node.js initially. However, the application development witnessed the shift when the life of one of the astronauts was at stake due to unreliable data hosted in different locations. The company faced the challenge of bringing all the EVA spacesuits data to a single cloud database with the aim to reduce access timelines. It was then that NASA engineers zeroed in on developing an end-to-end data system and Node.js was the ideal pick to attain this. It decreased the procedural step from 28 to 7 while keeping the lives of astronauts safe. 

The Way Forward

This is not an exhaustive list of applications that rely on Node.js for better performance and scalability. There are many other leading names that have embraced this technology, including Microsoft, Mozilla, Google, Yahoo, eBay and more. If technology experts are to be believed, then it is a matter of only a few more years that Node.js will revolutionize the web and app development market. One may wonder how does it affect your company or decision?

Well, as you can see that Node.js is a technology that is dealing with some complicated and heavy infrastructure smoothly. So, if you are also planning something alike, then this should be your choice. Also, more demand for this language will increase the number of Node.js developers, thereby, making it easier for you to seek economical Node.js development service. 

So, without further ado, connect with A3logics to get an application that serves your business goals and that too without straining your budget. Let us know if you have any queries and we will be there to assist you. 

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