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5 Mistakes to Avoid While Outsourcing Mobile Product Development

Mobile applications have become a key factor to transform businesses and engaging consumers with the brand. It is hands down the most effective and value-driven way to interact with users and expand brand reach. If you take a look over the past few years, you can see how millions of smart and well-designed mobile applications have helped businesses attain their goals which were previously unimaginable for them. Businesses have converted their unique and innovative ideas into user-friendly and attractive apps that increased their revenue and popularity.

However, having an exceptional idea is not a difficult part, the main challenge is to find the right talent and skill set to make it a reality. Hence, with the evolution in the business world, companies are choosing outsourced product engineering services for mobile app development and design. Rather than setting up a different in-house department, enterprises now prefer to seek solutions from a professional development company. Managed product development leads to enhanced business growth without a significant increase in overhead costs required to build an on premise development team. There is no denying the fact that hiring a company for mobile app development has its advantages and selecting the right outsourcing partner is a secret to success. We also cannot ignore a few disruptions mainly caused due to the negligence of businesses. Yes, enterprises often make some common yet huge mistakes while choosing a development company that not only impacts the final results but also adds to their workload and costs. 

Despite being meticulous about selection, companies make some significant blunders that result in time loss, failures, and more efforts. Therefore, it is important to be aware of these mistakes and avoid them. We have listed such a few goof-ups that you must know. Take a look:

  • Lack of Research

Lack of Research

To select the best outsource product engineering company, it is crucial to conduct proper research. However, most enterprises ignore this and make a mistake that also results in the failure of the final product. They base their decisions on cost-efficiency or unreliable reviews. Yes, we agree that cost is one of the primary factors in decision-making but is it not the only one. You cannot compromise on the quality because the services are cheap and affordable. Do your homework by comparing all the firms, their experiences, portfolio, strategies, and how well they understand your vision. Also, evaluate how well they can add to your technical expertise and business growth by building a mobile app that can achieve your goals. Do not hesitate to look for relevant case studies and verified reviews from reliable sources. Look at their previous work to know how well they met clients’ expectations. 

  • Miscommunication or Ambiguity

It is often seen that small businesses and start-ups outsource enterprise software development company without actually understanding what is important and needs to be done. They just have a vague idea about the project and fail to communicate it clearly to the development partner. With time and advancements in technology, developers and designers have realized the importance of open communication for successful product development. This is even more critical when it comes to outsourcing the service from a third-party team. So, first set your requirements and priorities for the project so that you can evaluate if the process is headed in the right direction. There are various communication approaches to ensure that the development task is aligned with the product design. Before kick-starting the development process, discuss the milestone and objectives and other important aspects. Make sure that developers understand what exactly you want and the most efficient ways to implement your idea. 

  • Choosing a Company with Limited Knowledge

Collaborating with a company with outdated techniques and a lack of knowledge can cause serious troubles. While searching for a managed mobile app development service, skills and sync with modern trends in key. You may think that the selected development firm is better than others but its workflow and interfaces may be limited to their local area or a specific domain. This can cause disruptions and breakdowns in user experience with application or software. Therefore, diversity is a basic requirement along with experiences across industries, platforms, materials, and components. Check that the company you select meets all your expectations beyond technical capabilities, such as work ethics, legal compliances, cultural environment, and more. Also, they must be aware of the latest trends in your sector. 

  • No Proper Planning or Strategy

No Proper Planning

The planning and product designing go hand in hand. Developers and team members should not overlook the in-depth process of planning and strategizing. It helps to define goals, tactics, and tasks. Moreover, a structured strategy paves the path to achieve missions while eliminating chances of failure. Thus, select the company that sends enough time to acquire an understanding of the project and product vision before starting the development phase. It is also important for you to be involved in the planning stages and ensure complete transparency between the hired team and your own. The foundation of your partnership must be rooted in clear communication and authentic collaboration. Invest time to learn their approach toward planning and quality assurance as well as methodologies. This is not it. You also need to share your strategy with your development partners so that you are moving on the same path and toward the same target. 

  • Ignoring Quality Testing Process

You cannot launch the app directly in the market for users without even testing its performance and quality. It is vital to gain a guarantee that the final product is strong, has all the required functions, and is bug-free. A reliable and credible product engineering company appoints testers from the beginning of the development process who keep an eye on every detail. In case, they encounter a bug or error, they report immediately to the concerned member to eliminate the issue. Another great option is prototyping where a blueprint or mock-up product is created so that you don’t have to wait until the end to check quality. This preliminary visualization gives you an understanding of how the app will look and how users will interact with it. You get enough time to make changes without any hassle or additional cost. Quality assurance must be done by the same company that is handling the development process. 


As you start exploring options for mobile app development services, the first step is to understand what your product requirements are. Once you are aware of all the details, you can convey them clearly to the outsourcing partner which will also improve communication. Without much knowledge of the app, you are risking the entire project that would fail to meet your standards and perform well. Also, all your money, efforts, and time are in vain. 

This will be a long-term partnership so give it a considerable amount of thought and research. Do not rush. With the right development partner to help you, you can enjoy an increased user-base, better revenue, and more popularity. Connect with the team of A3logics, a leading and trusted mobile app development partner for global clients. Share your project details, discuss innovative ideas with the team, and rest assured of the best results. 

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