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5 Interesting On-Demand Mobile Application Ideas to Get Inspired By

You are back home after a tiring and stressful day at the office. You neither feel like cooking nor have enough energy to go out for dinner. What is the best option then? Well, picking your smartphone and ordering food from your favorite restaurant, isn’t it? This appetency for an easy life is not restricted to one aspect but can be seen in our daily routines, from commuting to shopping to working out and more. And who makes all of it possible for us than on-demand applications that have made a plethora of services and products accessible to us instantly.

Now, we want things to be done with a wink of an eye without investing much effort. Although it all started with a unique idea of an online cab booking app ‘Uber’ the trend spread its wings to other industries soon, such as grocery delivery, food, beauty care, etc. The giants like Food-panda, Zomato, Uber not only made our lives convenient but also became an instant success worldwide, generating billions of dollars every year. No wonder why new startups are trying their luck in this market with out-of-the-box ideas that we could never have imagined. 

However, the presence of a myriad of on demand mobile app development is making it difficult for businesses from retail & ecommerce, food and restaurant solutions and other sectors to find a strong position for themselves. Are you one of them who is anxious and apprehensive of stepping into this industry despite having an exceptional idea? Then here are some facts that will boost your confidence.

According to a survey, more than 70% of the population from developed nations are using on-demand service apps and the numbers are expected to rise at an increasing rate in the future, incorporating all the age groups. Moreover, the current valuation of on-demand mobile apps is over $55 billion and it seems unstoppable in the coming years as well. To put it in numbers, economists predict that it might reach approximately $6.5 trillion by 2021, paving the way for a gamut of opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs. 

Now, comes the crucial part to think about - ‘the idea.’ You need to come up with something exclusive that can get your audience’s attention instantly irrespective of the fierce competition. Can’t think of any?

Well, we have prepared a list of some interesting ideas that you can get inspired by to be a part of this million-dollar industry.

Have a look:

List of some interesting ideas that you can get inspired by

  • House Cleaning

Cleaning a house can be a tiresome and tedious task for anyone, especially if we talk about students and professionals who are always on tight schedules. They often skip their routine cleaning and other domestic chores and look for a reliable and economical source to make their lives comfortable. Don’t you think a house cleaning on-demand app can prove to be a boon? Invest in creating a one-stop destination where users can seek authentic and reasonable house cleaners as per their requirements and get their work done with just a few clicks. You can add features so that clients can set cleaning schedules, track the services, make online payments, etc. It will not only ensure an easy life for the users but also open the doors for cleaners to find better job opportunities. With more and more people relying on on-demand mobile service applications, you can be sure that this idea might prove to be a turning point in your professional life. 

  • Health and Fitness

Haven’t we all become fitness fanatics these days? We are not ready to compromise on our health and fitness, come what may. Right? With increasing enthusiasm for better health, people are focusing on maintaining their physique.  We can witness a number of gyms, yoga centers, and workout places across the nation. So, why not seek advantage of this fitness obsession and give people something beneficial to keep track of their mental and physical fitness? If you can bring their gym to their mobiles and contribute to their exercise regime, then success will certainly knock at your door soon. You can launch your fitness mobile application where users can directly interact with health experts and ask for suggestions to stay in good shape. Suppose, a platform where people can get in touch with instructors, find healthy recipes, get the right diet plan, attend live workout sessions. Rest assured that the idea will work wonders in the market.

  • Gift Delivery

In this busy life where most of us stay away from our families and friends, we need a source to connect with them. Of course, gifts and cakes on special occasions is one way to do so. However, the problem is how to deliver this token of love to their doorstep from another city or country. Can you make it happen? If you think deeply and analyze the market, then there is a profitable and amazing business opportunity for you here. An on-demand gift delivery app can bring loved ones closer and help them express their emotions in the most beautiful way. Start with listing all the gift and flower shops in different cities and send them a request to get themselves registered on your app. You can also offer gift vouchers to the users so that they can shop anything they like from their favorite store. Furthermore, you can also opt for just a delivery service rather than the complete gift pickup and drop solution in case you find the former a complicated process. 

  • Finance Management

There is no denying the fact that most of us have hectic schedules even on weekends and hardly have any time for ourselves. In such scenarios, it is no surprise that we often miss to pay our dues and pay bills. What if there can be smart assistance to remind us of all the payment deadlines and even clear the bills within no time? Yes, there are several computer software to track your finances and investments. However, you can explore the finance and bill management market to build a mobile application that can record all important dates and bills from time to time. With financial assistance just a few clicks away, we can only imagine the success and new heights that this on-demand service app can achieve. 

  • Repairs and Service

This one is an extensive platform and you can make an impressive amount within the shortest time possible. The idea is to create an application that offers a wide range of services to the clients from car cleaning to electronic device maintenance to other related concerns. You can list professional plumbers, mechanics, electricians, technicians on the portal and add attractive features to get the attention of the users. Make sure that you seek help from a skilled on-demand mobile app developer who ensures smooth UI/UX designs.  

Now that you have some unique and interesting ideas at your disposal to make an on-demand mobile app, we hope that you will kick-start your startup soon. However, before you move ahead, make sure that you connect with an authentic iOS and Android App development company for powerful and compatible application. We would also recommend you to do in-depth research about the market and target audience. Moreover, connect with a reliable on-demand mobile application development company to get the app that meets your expectations. Once you hand over the project to the right hands, we are sure that the further journey will be smooth sailing. 

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