Social media active users have been growing across the world with a total tally of being over 2.6 billion. Among them are your potential customers and existing customers of course.

The question is, how to reach them and engage them?

With technology advancements and today's fast-paced digital landscape, artificial intelligence can help your business create more effective marketing strategies. AI can help improve the consumer journey and change the way you attract, capture and nurture leads. It can also play a pivotal role in turning prospects into raving fans.

Marketers are already reaping magnificent ROI from AI innovations, as more enterprises are integrating this tech option every day.

By 2021, global spending on AI platforms is expected to be around $57 billion.

So, how can you use this cutting-edge technology to reach your business goals?

Buyer Personas

Knowing your ideal consumer is easier said than done. If it was so easy, you would have sold products or services with ease. AI however, with simple processes and complex backend algorithms helps in selecting and interacting with ideal customers efficiently. AI does a magnanimous and excellent job of collecting data about your audience, which allows you to create a precise buyer persona.

Social Media Monitoring/ Listening

Do you know what people express about your brand? What’s their experience with your company or a specific team? Customers usually share this information on their social media platforms. With AI monitoring tools, you can tap and understand just how your brand is perceived. Best tools allow you to do the following:

  • Recognize thought influencers
  • Identify customer sentiment
  • Select trending topics
  • Segregate customer information
  • Specific brand mentions

Customer service and social engagement

The quality of service and engagement an individual faces with your company during early phases, during, and after the sales process is absolutely essential. Automated intelligent systems messaging can register customer feedbacks and suggest items based on their individual buying habits. You can also compile consumer insights from such past interactions. These AI tools providing such customer service and social engagement information are already used across multiple industries, such as retail, e-commerce, healthcare, automotive, finance and F&B.

Content Optimization

Content is absolutely the king when it comes to power your marketing channels. AI-powered technologies optimize your content automatically these days based on key insights and in-depth analysis of customer patterns and what they are accessing on the web. This helps boost your brand visibility and increasing traffic to your website.