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10 Things To Check Out Before Hiring A PHP Development Company

In today’s era of digital transformation, having a solid online presence is a must for any business. The best way to expand business presence and customer reach over the internet for companies today is to have a professional-looking website, highlighting their product or services. But the problem companies generally face is - which technology and company they should choose or invest in to build their website.

To build a fully-functional website for your business, you can simply choose PHP. It is one of the most popular web programming languages that are used globally to build feature-rich websites. To build a website in PHP, one can take the assistance of a PHP development company. 

PHP is one of the top-rated server-side scripting languages that is used to build feature-rich web applications by companies. It works best with the MYSQL database. To get started, take a detailed PHP and MQSQL database tutorial. It will help you while availing PHP development services from a reputed company to build your business website. Alternatively, you can also hire a PHP developer for a full-time, hourly, or fixed-cost project basis. You can also utilize different PHP frameworks  Symphony, Zend, Yii, and Laravel. No matter what option you choose- there are some factors that you should vary before partnering with a PHP development company.

Let’s explore each factor one by one in detail: 

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Check Out the Company Portfolio - All things start here 

After you shortlist a PHP development company, you must first check out its portfolio to get an idea about its past project or clients. Checking out the company portfolio of your chosen PHP web development services provider helps you determine its capabilities and domain expertise. Make sure the projects your chosen company has completed in the past are relevant to your present requirements. 

Visit the Company Website 

Have you gone through the website of your chosen PHP development company? Does it provide relevant information about the company, its services, clients and past projects? It is important your chosen company has a professional-looking, responsive website. 

Having a good website ensures that your chosen company has highly experienced PHP developers who know how to build responsive and beautiful-looking websites. Make sure the website is authentic, appealing and feature-rich. Also, check out the content, functionality, look, graphics, animation, SEO and user-friendly aspect of the website. Once you check out such features, compare them with other top PHP development companies' websites. In the end, choose the one that suits your requirements. 

Read the Client Reviews Mentioned on the Site 

Reading out the client testimonials available on your PHP web development partner website is also a good way to figure out the quality of their past work. You can get an idea whether your selected PHP company has delivered the project on time or not? The quality of the work delivered by them and the client satisfaction level. If most of the client reviews are positive, you can pick the company. 

See Company’s Total Work Experience 

Experience is also one of the crucial factors in determining whether a company is capable to meet your PHP development needs or not. You should always check out the total work experience of your chosen partner in the PHP web development services arena. This will help you get an idea of whether they can complete your project on time or not with desired quality. Below is the formula that will help you identify the impact of work experience on the client satisfaction level: 

Higher Experience + Diverse Skill Set =  More Reliability +  Higher Satisfaction

Consult about Methodologies They Follow for Work

When you are looking to hire a PHP developer or company, always check out the methodologies they choose to work upon your project. Every company or developer has its own set of processes that they follow for project development. It’s always useful if you talk about milestones, workflows and documentation development in the context of your project with your chosen company partner. 

Identify the Technology Slack 

Along with the project development process, it is always good if you have an idea about the technology slack used by your chosen web development services provider company. As PHP is a server-side scripting language, adding more layers to your website is always desirable. Hence, PHP developers from your chosen company must have an idea about different web technologies and frameworks like XHTML, AJAX, MySQL, Zen, Cake PHP, etc. Blending multiple web technologies is always recommended to build a modern-looking PHP website. 

Ask For the Client Questionnaire

A good PHP development company will always provide you with a questionnaire to get a detailed idea about your project requirements. Offering such a questionnaire also helps clients clear out any doubts or project-related queries of their selected PHP partner company. So always ask for a questionnaire form to your selected PHP web development company where you enlist all crucial details of your project.

Inquire About Project Cost and Payment Charges 

The very next thing that you should consider after the client questionnaire is the project charges levied by your chosen company for web development. Make sure the PHP development fees of your chosen partner is in line with your budget. Also, check for any hidden service charges under different project packages offered by your chosen company.

Check out their After-support Service 

When you hire a PHP development company, make sure it has 24/7 customer support, so that you can get timely resolution for all your project-specific queries. Having excellent customer service reflects a company’s serious approach towards its clients. This should be considered as an important factor while hiring a PHP development services provider firm. So ask questions to your chosen company that helps you determine the quality of its customer services. For example, do they provide support via skype, email or phone? What are the time zones when they will be available, etc.

Identify Company’s Creative Skills 

Web development is not always about crafting web solutions, but it should be approached in a way to outreach targeted users more effectively. PHP web development companies who think out of the box while designing web solutions are more proficient and successful than others. A PHP development company should have a skilled team of PHP developers who blend their creativity and unique thinking while building web applications for clients. Hence, always look out for such companies to build your next dream web app or website in PHP. 

Wrapping Up! 

If you are on a spree to select the best PHP development company, you can consider the above-given factors to identify the right PHP partner that suits your project requirements. It is always recommended to choose a PHP development company that has an experienced team, excellent portfolio, good experience and quality client support. 

A3logics encompasses all the above qualities to qualify for as a partner for your next PHP web development project. We are a leading website and mobile app development in the USA and India, having years of experience, knowledge and expertise in the web development field. Our super talented team of PHP professionals maintain excellent client relationships and take their full time out to understand your project requirements and deliver a tailor made web solution, suiting your project needs. 

Feel free to contact us in order to hire a PHP developer from our talented pool of PHP experts at A3logics.

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