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In simple terms, Beacon is a small battery-powered device. You can assume it as a BLE device that is used to broadcast information to other Bluetooth-enabled devices. A3logics is a leading Beacon app development company that taps into the potential of BLE technology to offer powerful business solutions to our clients. We combine expertise with the experience of our developers who leverage the power of Beacon and use this Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology to provide brands with effective applications. No matter what industry or domain you serve, we will put in our best effort to revolutionize your business and take it to the new height of success.

With our Beacon development services, you can get best-in-class technological services, such as location-based systems, indoor positioning systems, navigation & maps, sensors, mobile payments, and discount notification.

Beacon App Development Solutions

Beacon Applications that we can build

Our Beacon experts are adept at providing tailored solutions to global clients. We have developed varied applications using Beacon technology


Positioning & Navigation

Take the wayfinding app to the next level with our indoor positioning & navigation solution that gives a precise location to users. Whether it is a shopping mall or a huge office building, this Beacon technology can help people navigate from one place to another easily.


Education & Classrooms

Make classroom learning engaging and interactive for both teachers and students with our Beacon-based applications. It comes with real-time interaction and smart features like attendance tracking & emergency aware to enrich their learning experience.


Interactive Tour

With interactive tour apps, you can make your museum and city tours more knowledgeable without spending a penny. The multilingual Beacon app will give you all the information through image, audio, and video form and ensure the best tour experience.

Ruby on Rail

Smart Automation

What if you can automate everything around you and lead a convenient life? Our beacon automation service offers smart solutions for your daily routine. Convert your home, office, business, or industry into automated places and accomplish your tasks in the best way.


Healthcare App Solutions

Another useful and effective application that we offer is a smart healthcare solution. Based on Beacon and IoT, this technology monitors your blood pressure and blood glucose instantly. We use BLE to transfer the data from medical devices to the mobile app.


Resource Tracking

Now, find all the resources and assets that you need within your location in just a few clicks on your phone. We can build the Beacon tracking app that will take care of all asset tracking challenges and offers long-term and scalable solutions within no time.

Features of iBeacon That We Rely On

Features of iBeacon That We Rely On

A3logics taps the potential of iBeacon technology to offer the best and robust solutions

  • Mobile Payment Solutions
  • i-net Connectionless
  • Interactive Apps
  • Push Notifications Apps
  • CSS
  • Transferring Documentation
  • Shopping Apps
  • Travel Apps
  • Vehicle Tracking
  • Location-Based Information
  • iCloud Integration

Our Beacon App Development Process

We follow an agile methodology while working on the Beacon technology to ensure timely delivery of your project

Our Beacon App Development Process


We are here to help/assist you throughout to find answers to all your queries.

Below are some of the commonly asked questions about the services that we offer. For more assistance, you may directly contact us through our contact us page and get an immediate solution.

There are several categories and names of devices like Red Beacon and Estimote Beacon. The Beacon device connects with the server along with the user to send and receive data. While receiving information from the server, it passes the message or notification to the ultimate app receiver. One can use it to find the product location but Bluetooth enabled device and the app on the smartphone are a must for this technology.

Since we started our Beacon Development service, we ensured not to restrict ourselves with specific industries or domains. hence, we collaborated with dynamic sectors and each time delivered successful projects. To name a few industries that we have served, the list includes Hospitality, IT, Politics, Real Estate, Sports, Education, Art & Museum, Automobile and Logistics, Finance, Healthcare, Retail, Entertainment, Agriculture, and more.

Almost every sector is reaping the benefits of Beacon technology and businesses have witnessed instant growth with it. If you are wondering why you must integrate this technology into your application, then here are a few benefits that it offers. It provides users with indoor navigation and interactive tours, processes automation & monitoring, tracks persons, resources, and assets. It is quite economical for your budget and the best pick for marketing.

Like any other development service, calculating the exact amount to avail of the Beacon App Development Solution is tough. There are many factors and aspects that we consider while quoting the price and that includes the features you want, complexities it involves, the platform that you prefer, the size of the team, technology used, etc.

We have been in the business for quite some time now and our collaboration with some of the biggest brands is the testimony to our top-notch work. A3logics aims at delivering flawless products to the clients and for this, we use the best and the latest technology and tools.

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