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B2B Ecommerce

Accentuate your B2B eCommerce experience to the next level with our highly customizable, scalable, & future-ready B2B Ecommerce Platform.

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B2B Ecommerce Platform

Get personalized and efficient B2B eCommerce Solutions for your practical, effective online store with ease.

B2B buyers are rapidly moving to a digital-first approach and look to transact online. This expectation level of consumers in regards to customized shopping has altered the B2B landscape.

B2B eCommerce portals can provide an effective digital presence for the manufacturers and wholesalers, empowering them to deliver what B2B customers exactly demand.

A3logics B2B-oriented eCommerce platforms offer built-in features that not just support the complex sale process but also help with decision-making and buying specifics, such as price negotiations & sales personalization for the customers.

Our platform-based development allows quick and easy implementation of B2B eCommerce solutions cost-effectively. We apply best practices of B2B website design to establish & nurture the reliable and trusted relationship between the buyer and the brand.

So, grow your business with the most flexible B2B eCommerce platform designed for B2B, D2C, and omnichannel commerce that can be seamlessly integrated with your chosen ERP, CRM, POS systems, accounting software, etc.

B2B Ecommerce Platform

B2B Ecommerce Development Key Features

Start trading & create a fully managed eCommerce experience with 99% uptime designed for all kinds of businesses.

Fast Ordering by SKU or CSV Upload

Fast Ordering by SKU or CSV Upload

Allow your buyers to quickly place orders by entering SKUs, uploading CSV files, and choosing items from a pre-set list while saving their time with one-click re-orders & recurring orders.

Improve Operations & Automate Business Rules

Improve Operations & Automate Business Rules

With A3logics B2B eCommerce, you can automate your business rules, optimize inventory from all sources for lower fulfillment costs and improve operations for managing orders from all sales channels.

Product Search & Discovery

Product Search & Discovery

Get diverse viewable & downloadable content formats, filtered search & catalog navigation, quick integration with PIM systems for multi-sourced product information, and quickly place orders with SKU.

Corporate Account Management

Corporate Account Management

Our B2B eCommerce platform empowers customers to self-serve their accounts while reducing inquiries, sell corporate accounts with multiple buyers, add new users & assign roles, and create sub-accounts on buyer's behalf.

Accommodate Custom Pricing & Catalogs

Custom Pricing & Catalogs

Our B2B eCommerce solution allows you to build numerous customer groups accommodating easy custom catalog creation, set volume-based pricing, regional/specific product rates, and custom promotions for groups & certain accounts.

Multichannel Selling

Multichannel Selling

Sell your products on more than one sales channel. Create your eCommerce website and manage it for multiple brands, divisions, channel partners, or accounts, gain efficiencies, and expand globally with our proven B2B eCommerce software.

Why Choose A3logics for B2B Ecommerce Website Development?

Achieve faster time-to-market, save time, money and lower your total cost of ownership with our B2B eCommerce Solution.

  • Higher Revenue

    Higher Revenue

  • Modernize Operations

    Modernize Operations

  • Accelerated Business Growth

    Accelerated Business Growth

  • Empower Merchants

    Empower Merchants

  • Increased Average Order Value

    Increased Average Order Value

  • Eliminate Redundancies

    Eliminate Redundancies

  • Reduced Cost per Transaction

    Reduced Cost per Transaction

  • Manage Heavy Catalogs

    Manage Heavy Catalogs

  • White-Labeling


  • Custom Domain Hosting

    Custom Domain Hosting

  • Responsive and Appealing

    Responsive and Appealing

  • Build Loyalty

    Build Loyalty

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Get Tailored B2B Ecommerce Solutions

Manage your B2B and DTC business seamlessly from a feature-rich B2B eCommerce Platform without added complexity.

Ecommerce Website Development

Ecommerce Website Development

Maximize your reach with our highly customizable, performance-oriented eCommerce website solution encrypted with techniques for quick setup. Our proficient team creates intuitive & engaging website design, integrates AR/VR, and upgrades or migrates your current site to the desired platform.

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Ecommerce Software Solutions

Ecommerce Software Solutions

A3logics offers user-friendly & cloud-enabled eCommerce software solutions integrated with requisite features to maximize sales and build a strong market reputation. Our eCommerce solution also consists of eCommerce consulting, testing, management, audit & more for faster engagement & scalability.

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Ecommerce Management Services

Ecommerce Management Services

A3logics addresses all challenges associated with custom eCommerce website management, such as infrastructure, automation, multi-store, multi-channel support, catalog, innovative strategy, and listing. We also offer support services for developing innovative strategies, implementing new functionality, and improving UI/UX.

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Ecommerce Consulting Services

Ecommerce Consulting Services

Our eCommerce consulting services are customer-focused, using cutting-edge tools & technologies. Consult with us for any of your eCommerce business needs ranging from better customer retention, improved productivity & agility, multi-device compatibility, effective retailing & supply chain, to global business expansion.

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We Are B2B Ecommerce Development Agency

We Are B2B Ecommerce Development Agency

Pave the way to new markets, enhance staff productivity and get more purchases with our B2B eCommerce solution.


Our digital eCommerce solution for manufacturers is featured with limitless flexibility that can be integrated with ERP, PIM, account software, logistics, & CRM. Our B2B solution is integrated with multiple product catalogs, account structures, specific price lists, quote-to-order purchasing workflows & more.


We are among the leading B2B eCommerce solution providers for distributors providing support to both on-premise and SaaS deployments to enable strong, personalized online experiences, improve internal productivity, boost sales, reach new markets & much more.


No lengthy build times, minimal development costs, timely upgrades, and requisite hosting & security are taken care of by our proficient and skilled eCommerce team. Get a fully customizable enterprise-grade B2B eCommerce solution that lets you sell products in bulk hassle-free.

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B2B Ecommerce Software Solutions - Case Study

Learn from the experiences of the people who had observed changes in their business after collaborating with A3logics for an eCommerce solution.

FAQs About B2B Ecommerce

Learn more about B2B eCommerce Web Development

B2B eCommerce is basically an online transaction between two companies. Like every other business, B2B businesses come in many levels, complexity, models, and sizes, including services ranging from accounting, legal, and digital to physical products like equipment, consumer goods, machinery, and more.

Multiple factors are responsible for choosing a custom or ready-to-use B2B eCommerce platform. In order to outreach, an agency for developing a B2B eCommerce platform, do your research and analyze these factors -

  • Running Cost
  • Growth Factor
  • Business Objective
  • Customer Engagement
  • Services Offered

Since B2B is exchanging information, products, and services between businesses, this type has numerous benefits, such as -

  • Easy visibility & opportunity to sell over multiple channels.
  • Personalized website experience.
  • Enhanced efficiency through automation.
  • Grow sales with ordering workflows.

A B2C eCommerce targets a general audience, hence the online experience mimics the in-store experience. On the other hand, a B2B does not follow any linear path because it can span different industries and verticals, all with different needs.

  • Both offer formal relationships.
  • B2B is more complex and time-consuming compared to B2C.
  • Personalization is a must-have in B2B, while it is optional for B2C.
  • B2C customers are individual buyers, while B2B has numerous business clients.
  • B2B customers purchase from single sellers, unlike B2C.
  • Invoicing and payment terms vary in both cases.

As a B2B eCommerce development company, we offer end-to-end solutions for your business ranging from the analysis of business needs, creating a wireframe/prototypes, designing the UI/UX, developing the software with best practices and approaches, and providing relevant maintenance and support for the eCommerce software.

Ecommerce Website Design Services FAQs

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