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AR E-commerce Development

Bring digital information and real-life imagery together for an enhanced shopping experience.

Recent years have shown that eCommerce is the fastest growing industry, helping users save time and energy while buying different goods and services. Seeing the rise of the online shopping industry, adding Augmented Reality to these stores is a cherry on the cake. AR in e-commerce is the future that all online business owners should be prepared for to make it big in the sector and deliver a seamless shopping experience to users. It creates an environment where digital information and animation interact with physical space, altering the core buying experience for customers. A3logics offers exclusive AR E-commerce development services to pave a de-facto path for online retailers and gain a secure competitive edge in the market.

Our team of AR experts and professional developers focuses on connecting innovation with advanced technology to create an ever-lasting impact on your buyers. We build seamless and smart e-commerce applications and websites to ensure rapid growth and improvement in your online business. Opt for AR in eCommerce and reduce the rate of return while uplifting your services.

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Types of Applications in Augmented Reality for E-commerce

Covering all aspects of AR for eCommerce, our team offers several applications based on your unique needs.

Markerless AR

Markerless applications have the ability to identify patterns, colors, and other features within a frame without any manual intervention. The best use of markerless AR is done by Harley Davidson, where the company helps users to determine the real color and other properties to make informed buying decisions.

Markerless AR

Marker-Based AR

Marker-Based AR

Our end-to-end augmented reality in the eCommerce sector has got your back at every step, offering varied solutions for successful online business. These AR applications make the best use of predefined markers, such as QR codes and pictures which lead to superimposing images in the physical environment.

Projection-Based AR

A3logics also offers projection-based AR applications to help you stay ahead of the market demands. By employing this advanced projection technology, we simplify all the complicated and lengthy manual tasks, making them automated and streamlined, be it assembling, manufacturing, or processing.

Projection-Based AR

Location-Based AR

Location-Based AR

Location-based AR applications are a type of markerless augmented reality with almost similar features and functionality. The only difference is that location-based AR eCommerce applications use GPS location and navigation to produce visual elements that provide a great experience to buyers

Possibilities Created by Augmented Reality for E-commerce

Augmented reality has uncovered many opportunities and possibilities in the eCommerce sector for both buyers and sellers.

Social Media Filters

Many big brands and online stores are using social media AR filters, resulting in increased brand awareness, better engagement, and overwhelming response from users.

Pre-Buying Visualization

Ecommerce buying involves detrimental ambiguity but AR helps customers visualize the product and its look in a physical space, especially when they have to buy furniture.

High Rate of Conversion

With augmented reality eCommerce apps, you can connect better and faster with your buyers and target audience, leading to higher lead conversions and increased sales.

Virtual Try-On Experience

AR allows online buyers to see how a particular outfit or makeup product will work for them. This is also common when buying eyeglasses as users can check the look instantly.


Personalization makes buyers feel valued and important, improving their experience and customer retention. From product recommendation to virtual try-on, AR ensures highly personalized experiences.

Reduced Rate of Return

One of the biggest challenges for online sellers is the high rate of return. However, as AR in eCommerce allows buyers to try the product and understand its look, the rate of return reduces drastically.

Benefits of AR for Ecommerce

  • Customization and Modification

    Buyers explore various websites, applications, products, and options before making the final buying decision. With Augmented reality in eCommerce, they can customize their products.

  • Time and Testing

    You can offer interactive and instructional videos to demonstrate the usability of a product. This not only allows them to interact with the products but also increases the time they spend on your store.

  • More Sales

    Research has shown that the average mobile conversion rate has increased from 3.5% to 11% with the integration of AR in eCommerce apps as it gives more information about the product, hence increasing sales.

  • Attract New Shoppers

    Through engaging AR campaigns, you can create a buzz around your newly launched products. This hype and engaging content will attract new customers and give them greater confidence to shop.

  • Customer Engagement

    Thanks to AR that customer engagement in the eCommerce industry has increased by 66%. The interactive content keeps them hooked to your store and they are more likely to buy from you.

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