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Android App Development - Case Study

How Dedicated and Talented Android Developers Eliminated Communication Gap!

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About Client - Android Mobile App Development

A Corporate Organization Delivering Versatile & Quality Database and Accounting Programs

Effective communication is the most important aspect in any business, encouraging better performance. The client owns and manages a corporate organization in Chesnutt, UK, and designs a high-quality and user-friendly database and accounting programs for business and industry. Their versatile and powerful program has always outperformed their competitors.

The client also had branches located in Thailand, Singapore, and Malaysia to spread their word-processing program. The program had to be accurately documented, which should not be 'too complicated to implement and difficult to learn'. In order to do so, effective communication was needed to connect the program designers with users to solve their issues.

Custom LMS Development

Business Challenge - Custom Android App Development

Lack of effective communication strategy and approach to manage internal and external vendors, employees, & users.

The client turned to A3logics for developing rich and high-quality multimedia communication. The solution must be robust, especially for users with Android devices. Without a proper corporate communication platform, the team lacked -

  • Definitive approach and strategy in their field

  • No standard manner or specific guidelines were set for employee and personnel communication.

  • No plan for improving the existing communication system in the organization.

These were a few challenges that the client and its team were facing. With the help of A3logics robust corporate communication software development services (Android App development), the company was able to streamline its communication within and outside the organization.

Our Solutions - Android App Development Services

A3logics offered an extension to existing systems by crafting & developing a robust & scalable Android app.

A3logics specialists designed and developed a reliable and scalable android application for internal as well as external communication. The application consisted of features, such as video telephony, contact list management, multimedia sharing, instant conferencing, messaging & more.

Reliable Information

Since the information has been collected from different sources necessary to make the right decisions. Our application could quickly retrieve the information, scan, scrutinize & more to make the information correct and dependable.

Continuous Communication Flow

An organization requires a seamless and uninterrupted flow of communication in order to make informed decisions. Our solution supported the organization's perpetual existence while eliminating uninterrupted formal or official channel communication.

Reliable System

Our solution isn't a temporary process or arrangement. A3logics crafted the communication solution that supports the internal and external employees, partners, and users seamlessly.

Wide Coverage

We ensured that the client was able to connect its siloed databases and diverse branches uninterruptedly. Employees at different levels and different departments can communicate and address the challenges of the running course of activities.

Informal & Formal Communication

Since the client had multiple branches which made its employees count in thousands, communication with each of them became complex. We designed and created a sophisticated structure that allowed employees to maintain informal communications as well as maintain formal procedures.

Oral and Written Communication

The android app lets a large number of people within and outside the business stay aligned. Whether through audio/oral or written/documented communications can streamline and make communications easier with customers, vendors, distributors, competitors, investors, etc.


We ensured to put a small corner essential in any communication software. The feedback feature sends the reaction of the recipient and takes necessary actions.

Key Highlights - Android Mobile App Development Company

Android App development solution with extensive features and extraordinary capabilities.

Any communications software built for desktop, android, iOS, or cross-platform has a few common features.

  • Call Recording

    A corporate communication app can allow users to capture data via text, video, and audio. The tool can be used for multiple uses such as creating minutes, backing up agreements, or discovering promising leads or market insights by sales and marketing.

  • VoiceMails

    This feature lets the employees record phone calls to stay abreast of the information when they are unable to attend calls.

  • Web Conferencing

    A great way to communicate with groups or multiple people at the same time. This feature of the communication app is in-built with audio and video conferencing characteristics allowing seamless virtual meetings and webinars.

  • Integrated Collaboration Tools

    The integrated tools support third-party apps, such as email, messaging apps, AI-integrated live chat, file sharing features, and more. These apps can be integrated beforehand to ensure seamless to and fro of data and information as well as extend the capabilities of communication software.

  • Cloud Integration

    The traditional system lagged communication and delayed the work processes. Today's Android apps are integrated with the latest cloud components to surpass the conventional and favor the modern methods to communicate.

  • Auto Reception

    The new and improved means of communication can save a lot of employee time. The auto reception automatically receives the calls, sorts and directs them to the requisite person or department to handle the relevant situation. The receptionist is free to handle other crucial operations with the help of this feature.

  • Speedy Network

    As today's internet has accentuated, smartphones have simultaneously become more efficient. The advanced capabilities of sharing tools, documents, and more could be integrated and run uninterruptedly, thanks to high-speed internet.

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Tools & Technologies Used by Android App Developers

Advance & most flexible technology stack use for future-ready solutions.

  • technology Java


  • technology Android SDK

    Android SDK

  • technology Python


  • technology XML


  • technology Flutter


  • technology R Programming

    R Programming

  • technology Kotlin


  • technology Eclipse


  • technology Apache Cordova

    Apache Cordova

  • technology jQuery Mobile

    jQuery Mobile

  • technology Visual Studio

    Visual Studio

The Result - Android App Development Company USA

Overview of the Android app Development Case Study

The amalgamation of advanced technology and a dedicated team of developers and designers of A3logics helped develop a robust and effective android app for internal as well as external communication.

The end-to-end rick IP multimedia services and protocols benefited both voice and data revenues. The client was able to streamline a better communication strategy. Additionally, they were able to align the external partners, vendors with the communication strategies, which in turn improved revenue. New services and third-party apps could be easily added through SDK and flexible APIs.

Android App Development Company USA

Summary - Hire Android App Developer

Synopsis of the successful deployment of the Android app development

This case study explains how business communication is essential for scalability and effectiveness. A robust communication tool can boost productivity and keep everyone updated with the records and important information. This necessity was observed by a corporate organization that had multiple offices in diverse locations. Not just employees but also the vendors, partners, as well as users need to keep streamlining with an effective communication strategy to meet all the needs.

A3logics was approached for the need of an android as well as web communication app to align everything in place. The dedicated team of designers and developers did a tremendous job by creating a flexible, scalable, and customizable corporate communication software for the organization that can be used anytime, anywhere to stay abreast of all the information needed to make relevant and informed decisions.

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