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Agile Testing Services Offered by a Team of Experts

A3logics offers agile and DevOps testing services to improve user experience and accelerate your business growth.

Agile testing, as the name suggests, is based on agile development principles. This is a critical and key step to build and release new features while ensuring top quality of the software product. Considering the fast implementation and stability it provides, more and more businesses are switching to agile methodologies. However, you need experienced and skilled testers to drive the best results. Hence, comes A3logics, a trusted agile software testing company. You can rely on our experienced QA engineers who are well-versed in using a standard waterfall and agile methodologies.

At A3logics, we work dedicatedly on every project to test software performance and user experience across multiple platforms and devices. We are trusted by several enterprises from various industries for our seamless services and next-gen solutions. From QA planning to estimation to identifying metrics, we have got your back at every step to ensure smooth integration. Our team also holds expertise in DevOps, robust test automation, CI/CD, agile testing, and more, thereby offering quality control and assurance services.

Agile Testing Services

Agile Testing Services for Enhanced Performance

We aim to deliver value to our customers and their businesses with our all-inclusive agile testing services.

  • Component Testing

    Component testing is a popular agile testing process that we use to ensure the top-notch and flawless quality of your software products. We test every part, component, and object of a software thoroughly to evaluate their performance. It is done either in isolation or in combination with other components that together make a product.

  • Prototype Testing

    The purpose of prototype tests is to mainly check the design and UX flow of an application or software. Our agile testing service providers identify all the defects of the product and report them so that developers can rework the prototype before the launch. This is also a great option to attract seed funding for a product.

  • Non-Functional Testing

    If your users encounter a problem or error on your web application, they will soon switch to other options that are your competitors. This will affect your brand image and revenue adversely. Hence, A3logics’ agile software testing services include scripting and execution performance test cases to evaluate the execution report.

  • Test Automation

    As a leading agile software testing company, we offer comprehensive solutions in one place. Thus, our test automation makes enough time for story testing, exploratory testing, and other important activities. We also follow-up on code design principles and patterns for automated test code to ensure success.

  • Feature Testing

    We have a skilled agile testing team that holds expertise in feature or story level tests through effective communication and collaboration. These tests are run to check if all the user stories are accommodated as part of a software. This is a crucial and important testing process to deliver the value that our customers expect.

  • Exploratory Testing

    Exploratory testing is much more than simply sitting and typing. It demands experienced testers where tests are conducted during the development process. We combine test designs and test execution, focusing primarily on learning about the app or software that is under the evaluation process.

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