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We offer Managed Testing Services to identify problems and mitigate risks at the earliest.

In the world of continuous technological advancements and agile development, effective quality testing has become an absolute necessity. Detecting technical issues early, identifying the core problem, and mitigating risk on time are needs of the hour. However, high-security environments, rising costs, and software sourcing has made testing quite challenging. Hence, A3logics offers TaaS or Testing-as-a-Service solutions where you can hire IT experts to test your software and fix errors. This is the best cloud-based testing model that delivers reliable results without a huge investment in QA teams, test tools, operating systems, etc. We implement proven skills and the right methodologies to help you achieve the optimized results and scaling. It works of pay-as-you-use approach and validates functional, security, and performance issues while eliminating all complexities. With our automates software testing, you don’t have to worry about server space as we take care of every detail to ensure that your software meets the highest quality standards.


Benefits of Testing as a Service

Rather than deploying multiple testing tools, TaaS comes with a single platform covering a wide range of test requirements.

Types of Testing as a Service

To help varied companies and make the testing process easier, we offer various types of TaaS.

Performance Testing

In the case of multiple users accessing your application, there are high chances of bottlenecks. Performance testing finds the root cause of the problem, evaluates if it can handle large loads, and suggest the right corrective plan.

Performance Testing
Functional Testing

Functional Testing

Get assured of the quality of your software before it goes live and protect your investment. Functional testing includes integration, UI/GUI, regression, automated user acceptance, and full readiness analysis to deliver a consistent user experience.

Security Testing

Any security breach can hamper your brand image. Therefore, our security testing solutions check all the vulnerabilities in your app or software, fix the errors, correct the risks, and deliver accurate results for the success of your project.

Security Testing

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Testing as a Service by A3logics

We offer different functional and non-functional Testing-as-a-Service Solutions

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