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Platform as a Service (PaaS) is a cloud computing offering where a third-party service provider delivers and manages a platform for clients. The provider offers hardware and software tools, libraries, and frameworks required to run business applications. From developing and running to managing these platforms, the PaaS service providers enable all these processes without building or maintaining infrastructure. So, companies no more need to spend their time, money, and energy to build in-house tools but can seek the services of PaaS providers for new applications. A3logics, a renowned cloud computing company, explores all these benefits offered by PaaS to assist businesses to create enhanced and flexible applications. With us at your service, you can divert your resources and tools to attain your goals while we take care of building a resilient environment to install your applications. Our PaaS application development services include designing, development, testing, deployment, and enhancing your existing apps. Our team of cloud computing experts will make the migration process seamless along with ensuring IT architecture that is easily accessible through the internet. With years of proven track record and hundreds of successful projects to vouch for our skills, we are undoubtedly the best choice for PaaS development.

PaaS Service Providers

Our Platform as a Service wings

By leveraging the features of PaaS, we offer a complete range of PaaS engineering services

Business Solutions

Business Solutions

Our proficient PaaS service providers will analyze your business strategies and data to maintain it on the cloud. We deliver a variety of business solutions to help global companies implement advanced and effective cloud-based services using emerging technologies.

Application Development

Application Development

We, at A3logics, provide server-based services to varied customers to run their business applications. The professionals working with us will help you build a strong infrastructure to deploy and run your apps and software along with deploying code to different servers.

PaaS Consultation

PaaS Consultation

If you have no idea where to start with your PaaS migration and development, then no need to worry anymore. With our comprehensive PaaS development services, we offer consulting solutions to identify the right strategies that meet your unique technical needs.

PaaS Outsourcing

PaaS Outsourcing

Employing an in-house team for cloud computing and Platform as a Service engineering is expensive and time-consuming. Being a top PaaS migration and engineering company, we offer outsourcing solutions for Microsoft Azure and AWS with experts working passionately on your IT architecture.

Data Management

Data Management

Our wide range of data management cloud services include feature capabilities. By tapping into its full potential, we help you build, implement, and manage data-driven solutions that optimize your existing framework. Our focus is on assuring complete security and availability.

Business Analytics

Business Analytics

Now make informed and timely business decisions with our business analytics solutions. It brings all the required information at your fingertips, creating awareness about all significant aspects of your business so you can formulate better plans and strategies.

Benefits of PaaS solutions

PaaS solutions come with an array of benefits and opportunities to build flawless applications and services

  • Secure

    The business applications built with cloud-based PaaS are secure, hence safeguarding all your critical data and information at every step. It uses advanced security protocols to secure, backup, and recover data without causing any hassle.

  • Economical

    PaaS development services do not put any strain on your budget as you pay only for what you use. In fact, it is the best way to reduce your operating expenses as you don’t have to pay for maintenance, servers, database, configuration, installation, etc.

  • High Performance

    Businesses evolve with time and so their IT requirements. PaaS cloud services can meet the growing needs of your organization without hampering the performance. You can access resources via a dashboard to enhance the overall outcome.

  • Zero Maintenance

    Now, you don’t have to worry yourself with maintenance schedules as our PaaS service providers address all the upgrades and maintenance tasks for hardware and software applications. You just pay attention to your core activities and business growth.

  • Scalable

    With Platform as a service, you get a perfect way to handle your business processes. The computing platform provides you with the services you need instantly. Also, it scales up according to your business operations to avoid any disruptions.

  • No Complexities

    PaaS solutions also simplifies complexities involved in in-house hardware and software installations for new applications. Instead of replacing your infrastructure entirely, it delivers key services, including application hosting and Java development.

Different Forms of PaaS

Following are the various forms available of PaaS services for deployment control

  • Open-Cloud


    It enables organizations to use a completely separate platform and is not tied to one cloud implementation. The database, servers, operating systems, programming languages are not predefined, thereby providing flexibility.

  • SaaS Product

    SaaS Product

    The SaaS (Software as a Service) has become a core business service. The PaaS development services are tightly anchored to SaaS products, such as Salesforce, SugarCRM, Workday, etc. It intends to create an ecosystem around SaaS apps.

  • Operating Environment

    Operating Environment

    The most common example of PaaS tied with an operating environment is IaaS (Infrastructure-as-a-Service). It is easier to perform certain actions in this PaaS type and works well if the business prefers only one specific IaaS.

  • iPaaS


    Also called Integration PaaS, it integrates cloud services with platforms where middleware is no longer required to build applications. Our team of PaaS service providers is adept at offering iPaaS solutions based on your dynamic business and IT needs.

  • Application PaaS

    Application PaaS

    Application PaaS is also referred to as aPaas. It describes apps deployment processes that have a graphical interface for operations. Companies can use it as a program for internal use that is easily accessible by employees via the cloud.

  • Communication PaaS

    Communication PaaS

    There are various other platforms as well that are used for communication purposes known as communication PaaS. A rich development environment is created on a partitioned cloud-based platform, hosted, secured, and managed by service providers.

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