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Infrastructure as a Service is a type of cloud computing that can be provisioned and managed over the internet. It allows you to allocate your network, storage, and security resources on demand and lets you pay only for what you use. With this instant computing infrastructure, you avoid all the additional expenses and complexities of acquiring and dealing with your own physical servers and datacenter infrastructure. A3logics adopts a unique and innovative IaaS approach so that you scale up your resources and get access to full-stack computing without any hassle. Customize your software applications and solutions as per your specifications to meet your precise business needs and get more control. With years of experience in cloud computing services and infrastructure, we assure you to take care of your cloud security, big data analytics, private clouds, automation, and more. Whether you are a small, medium, or large enterprise, our top-notch IaaS development services have covered it all. With our unmatched dedication and expertise, we are always ready to help our clients with primary attention to reduce ownership costs. Connect with our passionate IaaS service providers and seek the most reliable solutions.


Our IAAS Solutions Expertise

We offer varied services and solutions with our IaaS development to take care of your different business aspects

Forms of IaaS solutions

Based on your business needs and demands, you can choose from three different deployment models.

  • Private IAAS

    This one is actually different from the general of IaaS development solutions as there is no external service provider but an in-house IT department that offers resources. The company doesn’t lose control over security and data in this option and the platform is solely dedicated to one organization.

  • Public IAAS

    This is the most common way of cloud computing. The resources, such as storage and servers are owned by third-party service providers which include the biggest names - AWS, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, etc. These resources are shared by all customers and accessed over the internet.
  • Hybrid IAAS

    The IT environment is created by combining on-premise and public clouds, allowing organizations to reap the benefits of both. The applications can move between public and private clouds so companies can manage sensitive data while using scalable external resources for varied other purposes.

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