Implementing Well-Defined Plan for Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery

Our team plans ahead for business resumption and provide you with confidence for recoverability

A3logics understands the importance of business continuity and the impact that IT system malfunctions can have on your organization. Thus, we bring to you Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS) that restores your critical data and secures significant information without any hampering. Our IT experts and professionals will provide you with the system that gives you confidence to bounce back even during disaster by taking instant recovery measures and resume operations without wasting valuable time. Rest assured that our BCDR solutions will minimize the risk of data loss with a fast and automated recovery process. As a trusted Business continuity and disaster recovery services in the USA, we cover everything from disaster recovery consulting and planning to complete restoration of apps, hence safeguarding our business IT infrastructure. So, why wait anymore? Let proficients take care of data security and recovery plan with real-time replication, non-impacting simulated testing, workload recovery, and you focus on other core activities.


Business Continuity Plan Components

To put disaster recovery plan in place, our team includes a few basic elements in the planning system

Crisis Management Team

A Crisis Management Team is formed to execute a recovery plan effectively and the tasks are assigned to different individuals. The success of this plan depends on the efficiency of the team, hence training and identification play a crucial role. The success of the Business

Data Backup Plans

It is essential that the backup plan runs regularly along with the backup on data and servers. Our BCDR services cover data backup plans to address issues, such as identifying systems and data that lack backup support, keeping the confidentiality of the data, comprehensive recovery procedure, etc.

Emergency Response

Being a reliable BCDR service in the USA, we also help companies define the actions of their Emergency Response Team which include the ones responsible for continuity plan and also the other looking after business operations. Our team also evaluates the disaster response procedures.

Business Risk Assessment

Another important component for disaster recovery plan is business risk assessment for IT infrastructure responsible for maintenance, management and data storage, etc. This meticulous assessment would determine the significance of data repositories and define a recovery plan for every manager.

Communication Plan ​

During crisis, constant and enhanced communication plays a key role. Therefore, it is important to have a well-defined plan to keep in touch with employees and customers during disruption or disaster. Updated documents with all the contact details of employees must be maintained.

IT Infrastructure

Summary of IT backup and recovery procedure is also a vital part of our Business continuity and disaster recovery services. The aim of collecting the information is to cover details of software and hardware systems at an accessible location along with the recovery process, and off-site data storage plan.

BCDR Solutions

Our Business continuity and disaster recovery services is a one-stop solution to make effective disaster recovery plans with all key requirements.

Business Impact Analysis (BIA)

Business Impact Analysis (BIA) will help you identify the business areas most affected by disaster and take instant action.

  • Determine the effects of the cost and revenue
    • - Higher Operating Costs
    • - Revenue Loss
    • - Financial Fines and Penalties
    • - Productivity Loss
  • Goodwill, Compliance and Safety Impacts
    • - On Customers
    • - On the Workforce
    • - On Business Partners & Stakeholders
    • - On Health, Security & safety
    • - On Compliance
  • Overall impact of downtime
  • Develop business downtime tolerance
  • Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) and Recovery Point
  • Objectives (RPO) Tiers
  • Appropriate (right-sized) Recovery Time Objectives for each service
Business Continuity Planning

Strategic IT Disaster Recovery & Business Continuity Planning

As a trusted BCDR solutions in the USA, we will create a recovery plan for your business to:

  • Document the existing recovery workflow
  • Help you prepare a new recovery plan that can identify recommendation impacts
  • Identify teams, and their respective roles and responsibilities
  • Find the existing recovery workflow and maturity of disaster recovery plan
  • Determine the impact on the business
  • Evaluates current recovery procedure
  • Create and update your DRP documents, such as communication plan, recovery plan, and policies.
  • Find the gaps between resources required to develop RTO / RPO
  • Formulate plan to eliminate gaps in service restoration.

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