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Media Monitoring

Media Monitoring

In a world where news travels at the speed of the Internet and social media can shape reputations in minutes, effective public relations has never been more  important. Online media monitoring services utilize automated software called spiders or robots (bots) to automatically monitor the content of free online news sources including newspapers, magazines, trade journals, TV station and news syndication services.

A3logics through online media monitoring provides clients with documentation, analysis, or copies of media content of interest to the end clients. Services tend to specialize by media type or content type. Our specialist expertise helps you plan and improve your corporate and brand communication and Public Relation efforts.

Explore the vast opportunities of online monitoring. As it happens, supply of news, market overview, blogs, and social analytics. Search and monitor any online source and market niche – fully customized to your needs. Everything you need to make your media outreach more successful is right here.

  • Updating and maintaining client media data base on large scale is one of our strong key points to maintain the stability for our day to business.
  • Keeping in mind, the emerging demands of future as well as present world related to online media various attractive Support Services and Development Services.
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) & Content Management
  • Robust search including Solr, Elastic and providing advanced Boolean search
  • Distributed computing processing terabytes data based on Hadoop, Hbase, MongoDB, ActiveMQ
  • Multi lingual voice support for end user in multiple time zones
  • Updating more than 30,000 media contacts in a month
  • Adding new publications and their media contacts
  • Identify pitch and beats for media contacts based on their articles
  • Redefine crawler setting to extracts relevant article for news sites, maintaining crawler efficiency
  • Provides strategic decision making ability by following Competitive intelligence methods
  • Providing 24*7 L-1 and L-2 support covering different time zones to provide relevant service in time